Hunting Guns

    These are guns initially intended to the hunt of game, for feeding or merely for sporting purposes. Currently, the best known hunting guns are: juxtaposed shotguns, superimposed shotguns, semi-automatic shotguns, carbines and modern hunting arches.
The use of each type of guns depends on the game you wish to hunt (small game or big game), on the preference of the hunter and very important on stability, comfort and safety for the hunter at the time of shooting. 

    In Prehistory guns like hunting arch, hunting beast, atlatl, gaff, among other guns, a great part of which are still currently used, but only for sporting purposes in the modern civilisation, but in tribes they are still used for hunting purposes.

    Many people consider the pitfalls as hunting weapons, these traps are the best-knowntraps and snares, but in my opinion the traps should not be considered hunting weapons, because there is no legislation that designates as hunting weapons, and alsoits use may be severely punished, as reported to two years in the newspaper Correio da Manhã in which two men were arrested for having been caught red-handed by police to hunt game birds (birds that can hunt but with other weapons) with trapsOn the other hand refers to the concept of something that gun is fired on the play whilehunting the animal in a trap is falling into it.