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  • (Kids Show) Wonder Showzen is an American sketch comedy television series that aired between 2005 and 2006 on MTV2. It was created by John Lee and Vernon Chatman of PFFR.
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Kids with guns..?
Kids with guns..?
Some kids showed up outside outrhouse dressed in army fatigues and brandishing guns, including automatics. I was in the kitchen, and they were grouped directly opposite the kitchen window. A couple of them had backpacks, and one even had a guitar. A couple of them were wearing ski masks, of the type commonly associated with the IRA, ETA, and other guerilla organisations. One kid was dressed like a typical So Cal kid, in shorts and a tee-shirt. Bear in mind that this was only two days after a major international terrorist freak-out/bullshit-fest/yet another attempt to scare the populace into giving up their human rights. One of them started letting off shots in the direction of our garden, which is a haven for wildlife, and we intend to keep it that way. I shouted at the kid "Oi! What the fuck do you think you're doing?!?" He replied, "Oh er it's just a plastic BB". Me - "well fucking quit it!" Him - "we'll be out of your hair soon, we're going into the park." We live right by Topanga State Park, and they were planning to go play war in the park. My g/f called the cops as she was concerned these kids were going to go shoot animals in the park, which is very illegal and quite unpleasant. I was concerned they would start a fire, as they looked as if they could have camping gear on them too. It turned out that the cops had alrady been called. First two cars appeared. Then a third. And a fourth. And a helicopter. I set my video camera going, as I had stuff to do. Eventually the cops, who had gone running onto the trail with batons and guns at the ready, reappeared, looking quite red from exertion - there are some very steep paths out there - but also smiling and chatting. I stopped what I was doing and went to speak to one of them. It turns out the kids were in an organised group, with an 'accredited camp counsellor' leading them. He claimed to have attempted to alert the locals by having one of his little group go to the doors of some of the houses on our street. It turns out that the kid they sent to the doors was wearing army fatigues (i.e. an army uniform) and was wearing a ski mask and brandishing an automatic BB gun. Apparently there was no-one in at any of the houses. Hmm, perhaps when they saw a guy dressed that way at the door they thought it might be time to call the cops? Apparently the police had received several calls, hence the large response. As the cop said, "they might have had the sense to send the regular looking kid to let people know what they were up to". in fact the kids were legally permitted to run around playing soldiers with their BB gunsin the state park, as long as they stuck to the rules, and their guns had fluorescent orange flashes on the muzzles. Two of the guns did not have the orange flashes and the cops had told the kids they could not use those guns. So there you have it. A lot of fuss about nothing, but quite a lot of excitement for out little corner of paradise.
chubby kid showing off
chubby kid showing off
Obesity was never in Vietnamese Vocabulary twenty years ago. With the "DOI MOI" policy started by its government in the middle of 80s to attract investment, the Vietnam eoconomy was opened to the outside world. Came along with the investment were also the unhealthy fast food and highly sugar-concentrated drinks and thus twenty years later the invading of all these food and drinks took its toll now. From the pic, you could see this obese kid was proudly showing his overweighted body to the people around him without knowing the hidden danger it has onto his health in the later part of his life. Who's fault? Ignorance is one and the fast food and unhealthy drink is definitely the next.

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