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Office Office Watch Online

office office watch online
    office office
  • Office Office is an Indian, Hindi language sitcom starring Pankaj Kapoor, Sanjay Mishra and other television actors. It was aired on the SAB TV. Pankaj Kapoor portrays the role of Mussadilal in the series. The series is based on corruption and bribery in public offices.
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The Office Side
The Office Side
Here is the "office" part of my studio... the computer is a few years old, and I simply use it for storing ready-to-print art files, and for social networking online. My upgraded fancy computer is downstairs in the living room, where I can work AND watch the kids. ;) I'm currently using an end-table for my Epson printer, and it takes up the entire table. :P Right now, my prints aren't large enough to require extending the foot beyond it's default length... if I start printing larger pieces, i.e. 16x20 and up, I can rotate the table long-wise.
Andy mug
Andy mug
Season five of the office, watch it, love it. The mugs from the customer service episode cracked me up when I saw them online and I almost bought some for casandra but she got one for me. The andy mug=hilarious

office office watch online
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