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Armani Watches Women

armani watches women
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  • Giorgio Armani S.P.A. is an international Italian fashion house that designs, manufactures, distributes, and retails haute couture, ready-to-wear, leather goods, shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories, eyewear, cosmetics, and home interiors.
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ON : Location : DUBAI : The United Arab Emirates : THE PASSION OF THE PHOTOGRAPHER : WORLD : Sense : INCLUDED : ENJOY! :)
ON : Location : DUBAI : The United Arab Emirates : THE PASSION OF THE PHOTOGRAPHER : WORLD : Sense : INCLUDED : ENJOY! :) as I think about it again, the passion of the photographer, of course, oh, that depends on our love to the medium, a difficult thing to describe, really? Yes really! I always think about it as something spiritual, it is something what we feel first and see second........yes, this is how we look at it, this is something personal, no photo will be the same, no mood will be the same, and more importantly, no photographer will be the same, and how can you judge a photograph after all this important observations and thoughts have been done? Very enjoy the photograph and let it melt on your tongue........need I say more?
Emporio Armani Watch for Women
Emporio Armani Watch for Women
strobist: two exposures. single strobe fired via synch cable from left and right next to watch face from slightly above. diffused through a sheet of printer paper. exposures combined in ps. other basic corrections to watch and fabric behind it. need to replace my wireless triggers so I don't have to do this composite business. it was somewhat time consuming to get the blend looking right. still not entirely happy with it. should have done a third exposure for the logo inside the watch face. :(

armani watches women
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