Victorinox Swiss Army Chronograph Watch - Watch Mickey Mouse Cartoons.

Victorinox Swiss Army Chronograph Watch

victorinox swiss army chronograph watch
  • An instrument for recording time with great accuracy
  • A chronograph is a timepiece or watch with both timekeeping and stopwatch functions. Pocket watch chronographs were produced as early as the 18th century but did not become popular until the 1820s.
  • an accurate timer for recording time
  • A stopwatch
  • A chronogram; A device which marks or records time or time intervals; A combination of watch and stopwatch
    swiss army
  • The Swiss Armed Forces perform the roles of Switzerland's militia and regular army. Under the country's militia system, professional soldiers constitute only about 5 percent of military personnel; the rest are conscript citizens 18 to 34 (in some cases up to 50) years old.
  • Widely known for Swiss Army Knives, the Victorinox brand has a range of stylish and functional sports and army style watches available on the High Street. In keeping with their reputation for adventure and excellence, the Victorinox wrist watches and pocket watches are made for every eventuality.
  • Victorinox ( ) is a knife manufacturer based in the town of Ibach, in the Canton of Schwyz, Switzerland. Since its acquisition of rival Wenger in 2005, it has, once more, become the sole supplier of multi-purpose knives to the Swiss army.
  • Keep under careful or protective observation
  • look attentively; "watch a basketball game"
  • Secretly follow or spy on
  • Look at or observe attentively, typically over a period of time
  • a period of time (4 or 2 hours) during which some of a ship's crew are on duty
  • a small portable timepiece

No Quartz Allowed
No Quartz Allowed
This has been my primary weakness I would say. Still, I can't imagine myself buying the really snobbish ones because I don't have the budget... and I would rather spend and save something for my (wife's) studio quest in the future. I do have quartz watches, too, but I have kept those inside their boxes for a long time now. And yes, I know... I know... I need to learn product photography. =) 6 Automatic / 1 Hand-wound. Applied Lightroom preset.
Swiss Army Knife
Swiss Army Knife
Swiss army knife created in photoshop during my photography class. Our teacher provided a bunch of tutorials and I chose to make this. I later found out he just took a bunch of tutorials from off the internet... lol.

victorinox swiss army chronograph watch
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