Pocket watch design : Rotonde de cartier watch.

Pocket Watch Design

pocket watch design
    pocket watch
  • A watch on a chain, intended to be carried in the pocket of a jacket or vest
  • a watch that is carried in a small watch pocket
  • Do or plan (something) with a specific purpose or intention in mind
  • the act of working out the form of something (as by making a sketch or outline or plan); "he contributed to the design of a new instrument"
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IMG 3931 Pocket watch
IMG 3931 Pocket watch
Pocket watch A pocket watch (or pocketwatch) usually is a strapless personal timepiece that is carried in a pocket. The display is traditionally analog. Pocket watches generally have a chain to be secured to a waistcoat, lapel, or belt loop (the chain or ornaments on it being known as fobs), as well as a hinged cover to protect the face of the watch; these are often called "fob watches". Such covers are not always present. Also common are fasteners designed to be put through a buttonhole and worn in a jacket or waistcoat, this sort being frequently associated with and named after train conductors. An early reference to the pocket watch is in a letter in November 1462 from the Italian clockmaker Bartholomew Manfredi to the Marchese di Manta, where he offers him a 'pocket clock' better than that belonging to the Duke of Modena. By the end of the 15th Century, spring-driven clocks appeared in Italy, and in Germany. Peter Henlein, a master locksmith of Nuremberg, was regularly manufacturing pocket watches by 1510. Thereafter, pocket watch manufacture spread throughout the rest of Europe as the 16th Century progressed.
Pocket Watch rabbit Steampunk tribute to Alice in Wonderland necklace by ClockworkZero
Pocket Watch rabbit Steampunk tribute to Alice in Wonderland necklace by ClockworkZero
The Pocket Watch Rabbit: "Oh my ears and whiskers, how late it's getting!" I've decided to do a Limited edition Steampunk Alice in Wonderland Series based on a piece I designed for myself. I've always loved the book as a child and when I found these fantastic leaping Rabbits - old vintage stock - I knew I wanted to make something for myself. This piece is entitled: "The Pocket Watch Rabbit". In Alice in Wonderland of course the Rabbit was white, but here in my steampunk'd version of the book the Rabbit is an antiqued brass stamping that is a very rare. It is full of beautiful detail - from whiskers to fur. He isn't raw brass - he's beautifully finished and won't tarnish. He's about 2 inches across and seems to be leaping down the rabbit hole. The base of this piece is a great pocket watch base made about 90 years ago. It actually has a "hole" in it .. which is a space where the gears went. Alas they were corroded and I had to take them out. This left the perfect space for our Rabbit to jump though!

pocket watch design
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