- now only androids 4.1 or higher are supported
- added an option to cache remote streams on a disk (by default disabled)
- added a filter in the file browser
- added seeking to an exact time
- dropbox implementation is using a new API
- changed google drive authorization
- more than 1000 files can be shown in a google drive's folder
- a large buffer size doesn't slow down UI
- native http library replaced by okhttp3
- added a text size limit in selection info
- updated jcifs library
- fixed seeking to the exact beginning of a song
- removed mixberry ad library

- added Exit button in notification panel (android >= 4.0, by default disabled)
- changed behavior of Previous button in shuffle mode
- network timeouts can be configured
- improved compatibility with android 6
- current version of BBM can read currently playing song
- m3u8 playlist are always read using UTF8 encoding
- updated LyricWiki API calls
- connection with Dropbox always via SSL
- minor UI changes

- added a timer
- added shortcuts to common folders
- file selection available also from the menu
- improved compatibility with android 5.0
- minor widget changes
- updated dropbox library
- workarounds for few android bugs

- added WebDAV filesystem
- added playback over https
- added playback of http streams with multiple redirections
- track description can be configured
- widget can be configured
- notification panel can be configured
- easier folder selection
- added an option to play a track after short touch on a playlist
- additional sort option
- better integration with android
- better error reporting for SkyDrive and Google Drive
- workaround for android bug that may cause rare crashes
- fixed UI bug in filesystem dialog
- progress is correctly refreshed in android 4.4

- fixed widget (android 2.1 - 4.0.2)
- lastfm without ssl (android 2.3 - 4.0.2)
- fixed crash on startup (android 3.0 - 4.0.2)

- fixed minor crossfeed bug

- added crossfeed effect
- added track and album info
- added an option to sort only selection
- more selection options
- ad remover icon can be hidden
- and LyricWiki dialogs will show album artist if artist tag is missing
- improved accessibility
- fix for files with multiple audio streams
- widget will start playback from correct position even if service needs to be restarted

- added skydrive filesystem
- added opus decoder
- added an option to cache tags
- seeking in musepack 7 without distortion
- faster seeking for remote filesystems
- faster playback startup over http
- more detailed power management
- smaller buttons in file browser
- current position in playlist is remembered more often
- disabled playlist recognition if extension is known
- loading reverb preset respects ok/cancel
- minor settings reorganization
- workaround for rare android bug
- playlist playing time is updated after song stored in cloud filesystem is loaded
- added an option to remove from database most played songs and cached tags
- disabled ssl certificate checking for android 2.1 and 2.2
- updated leadbolt sdk

- added an option to speed up playback startup
- artist and title read from cue not tags are displayed
- added an option to ignore multiple media buttons clicks
- playlists created by some other players are read
- artist is shown in genre and album browsers
- sorting respects disc number
- added an option to use internal or external browser for and LyricWiki
- minor settings reorganization

- added google drive filesystem
- faster seek for some mp3
- added ability to delete files 
- control buttons can be moved to the bottom
- added scrolling thumb in playlist
- added artist info
- playlists with windows path separator can be read
- Samba settings can be edited
- a little faster equalizer response
- added alternative ad network

- added dropbox filesystem 
- precise gapless playback for gaplessly encoded mp3
- mms:// links are treated the same as mmsh://
- more responsive equalizer UI
- updated ffmpeg 
- changed compiler optimizations for ARM CPU (audio decoding may be faster)
- fixed synchronization between UI and service

- added audiobook mode (for bookmarks and on exit)
- automatic resampling if sampling rate is not supported by device
- added ability to set exact values for pitch, speed and tempo
- with speed/tempo enabled file time not play time is shown
- fixed cue playlists referencing multiple files
- better handling of not responding remote hosts
- remove won't reset paused position

- added browsing by artists, genres and albums
- added an option to pause only after a phone call (ignoring other audio events)
- current playlist position is remembered on exit
- browser scrolls to previous position on back button pressed 
- added sorting by album artist
- added an option to ignore "The" when sorting 
- added status bar
- added an option to disable smooth scrolling
- added native Android 4.0+ lockscreen controls 
- attempt to prevent rare crash caused by Android bug

- added Holo theme
- added support for CUESHEET tag
- added ability to seek in network streams (if server supports it)
- added basic support for SMIL playlists
- fixed rtsp streaming
- fixed an error during cleanup
- attempt to fix reported crash that shouldn't have ever happened

- added cue sheet support
- faster seeking in flac
- more accurate seeking in mp3 and ape
- better gapless playback for mp3 without gapless LAME tag
- automatic playlist's encoding detection 
- fix for pls playlists with more than 9 entries
- fixed problem with adding playlist indexed by android

- first release

All downloads below are not official builds and may not work correctly.
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