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Metrobus/BRT disruption and destruction is now evident in many parts of Bristol. The misery is set to continue for a couple of years when Bristol will be presented with a malfunctioning public transport system and a large bill.

Download our special Green Capital Launch 'Metrobust Green Capital 2015' calendar featuring some of the valuable places Metrobus is destroying (our thanks to www.rumbadesign.co.uk  )

   Read why Metrobus/BRT is a disaster for Bristol : http://risingup.org.uk/metrobus/metrobus-the-wider-impact/metrobus-the-big-picture/

AVTM(BRT2) section of the Metrobus scheme is facing mounting planning and financial problems, and appears to be in crisis. Bristol247 revealed some of the contents of a 'secret' report showing a further £9m increase in costs (see https://tinyurl.com/lz3jwm7). The secret report identifies that the council fears an third party legal challenge. For more on this see http://stopbrt2.org.uk/

Many people have probably heard that the Planning Committee in September voted 6-4 for the despised NFHP(BRT3) Metrobus scheme to go ahead. So close... There was v heavy pressure from senior planning officer and the chair. There were some fantastic short speeches pointing out the huge problems with the scheme-it was a case of community vs corporates. This was the Post's comment. http://www.bristolpost.co.uk/Editor-s-comment-need-learn-Metrobus-folly/story-22839963-detail/story.html


Pics from four protests to rethink Metrobus which took place on 9 Aug


Stapleton Allotments (NFHP)                                                                                Ashton Avenue Bridge (BRT2)

Highridge Common (SBL)                                      Stoke Park (NFHP) see https://tinyurl.com/ow7gwwr for more                                                      



'Metrobus' is three 'new' proposed bus routes which together cost £200m but collectively only generate an extra 300 extra people using public transport in the 2016 am peak. The three routes are not integrated with the wider public transport system and some existing and effective services will actually lose passengers. The three routes are environmentally damaging, taking best and most versatile growing land, a community food growing project, allotments, damaging ancient woodland and a common, destroying green belt and damaging numerous areas of tree cover. We believe the routes as proposed are incompatible with Bristol Green Capital Status in 2015.

In the summer of 2014, groups from across the city came together to question the logic and damaging effects of the proposed three Metrobus routes for Greater Bristol. We are asking for a rethink of the the schemes so that costs can be reduced, damaging elements of the schemes removed and for Metrobus to properly integrate with the wider public transport system to encourage much better use of non-car methods of travel.

The three Metrobus routes are:

1. Long Ashton Park and Ride to Temple Way/Victoria Street (AVTM). See http://stopbrt2.org.uk/ for more information. This scheme basically diverts existing bus services onto a new £50m alignment. There are no new services; some passengers will be dropped further from their destination and is predicted to be only an additional 50 extra passengers in the am peak hour in 2016. A number of green spaces are impacted including Sylvia Crowe Park

2. North Fringe-Hengrove. This £102m scheme consists of 3 new services and is predicted to result in 200 extra passengers in the am peak 2016. Existing services like 73/75/76 are likely to be damaged due to loss of passengers. The scheme impacts on the Feed Bristol high quality growing land at Stapleton Allotments (see http://www.bluefingeralliance.org.uk/) , Sims Hill Allotments, Stoke Park heritage estate and numerous areas of woodland. A new road will be constructed across the Centre.

3. South Bristol Link Road (A370 to Cater Road via Green Belt). Although promoted as a Metrobus bus scheme, this is also a road scheme which damages a series of green areas including Hanging Hill wood (an ancient woodland), Highridge Common and wonderful vistas from the edge of Bristol into the countryside to the west. This £47m scheme generates minimal passenger numbers. The Council has made dubious claims about job creation and transport benefits in support of the scheme. See http://nosouthbristollink.co.uk/home