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 Ms. Lo's International Business Assignment

Mr. Marsic's English 12  

Ms. Misfeldt's Geography  Hum 8 
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Ms. Misfeldt's Greek Mythology  Hum 8
Ms. Misfeldt's English 10 "Famous Speeches in History"
Humanities 8 

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Humanities 9

Child Labour Sites
English 10

Ms. Phillips English 10:

Plotline Links

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English 12

Ms. Phillips English 12


Applied Science 8
Science 9 - Elements
Science 9 - Planetary Tourism
Science 10 - Earthquakes and the Earth's Interior
Science 10 - Invasive Species
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Social Studies 10 - Richmond Project (Mr. Anderson)
Social Studies 10 
Family Studies Gr.11/12
Book Review links:  Civilizations 12
An excellent site that demonstrates how to successfully write a book review. Includes good and bad samples.

A gathering of book review sites

A meta-site that includes links to book review sites. Might be a little time consuming to review all, but a useful resource to explore for examples.  

Awesome Websites you should visit regularly, but probably don't
  • Cooking for Engineers

  • Some of our Favorites...time to surf away!
        "A language site for anyone to learn. The quizzes are limited, however they are excellent for students who have trouble with French verb conjugation!"  
        "It contains many detailed descriptions of world-renowned historic events."  
        "This is perfect for ESL students who want to practise the usage of proper verb tense. The quizzes are fill-in blanks." 
        "There are wide-range of explanations and practise problems, handy for students who are learning physics!"  
        "Great for language learning"
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