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 Word of the Day: 

Rubicon \ROO-bih-kahn/  
 DEFINITION: a bounding or limiting line, especially : one that when crossed commits a person irrevocably  
The most talented college basketball players come up against a very difficult decision: whether to stay in college or cross the Rubicon and go pro.
All Students:
A 2013-14 GO card is required to borrow or renew library books
Guest Author Coming!
Author Karen Krossing will be coming to our Library on Monday, May 05/14
Check one of her novels from our library.
Library Monitors!!! 
Volunteer hour summaries for Term 2 are now available.
Lirary Staff:
Ms. Phillips, Teacher-Librarian
Mrs. Hercus, Library Technician
Featured Book Trailer: 
The Yo-Yo Prophet by Karen Krossing 
 NOW Available to check out from the library! 

The Yo-Yo Prophet


Enjoy your Library ...

The library is a quiet, distraction-free place in which to work.

Please respect the rights of those students who have come to study.


We request ALL electronic devices be turned OFF and put away while in the library.



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