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 Word of the Day: 

 DEFINITION: to drink deeply 

The kids thoroughly enjoyed running a lemonade stand for the day, and weren't bothered in the least by the paltry profits that always result when the proprietors quaff most of the product.

- Merriam Webster Dictionary
Library Monitors Training Sessions

September 28 (Wedesday) at 2:00
September 30 (Friday) at Lunch

Have you signed up yet?

Attn: Returning Library Monitors

There will be an organizational meeting at Lunch on Friday, September 16th. If you are a senior volunteer, and would like to help with a training session for new recruits, there will also be a sign-up sheet. This time will be counted as part of your volunteering.
Reminder to our new volunteers: please sign up for 1 work session only. We have many people wishing to volunteer each week. If you are unable to come to your assigned time, please remove your name from that work session.  

Library Staff:
Ms. Phillips, Teacher-Librarian
Mrs. Hercus, Library Technician
Featured Book Trailer: The Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black
 NOW Available to check out from the library! 

Darkest Part of the Forest by Holly Black


Enjoy your Library ...

The library is a quiet, distraction-free place in which to work.

Please respect the rights of those students who have come to study.


We request library users NOT talk on their phones while in the library.


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