"Over against all that reason suggests or would measure and fathom, yes, all that our senses feel and perceive, we must learn to cling to the Word and simply judge according to it."

- Martin Luther
25 Errors of the Modern Evangelicals
~ Error 1 ~ 

The Relationship of Faith and Reason

This is truly the foundation of all the errors of the modern Evangelicals. Because the Scriptures contain truths that are infinitely above and beyond human reason, we are called to take God at His Word. But the modern Evangelicals do not do this. Rather, they measure God by their own ruler, and cannot and will not receive anything that appears foreign or contradictory to their natural thoughts. In truth, they do not really believe in the total depravity of man, which necessarily includes his depraved mind. Thus, where the Scriptures often leave the mind in paradox, the modern Evangelicals will commonly cling to and argue for one side of a Biblical truth and deny and condemn another seemingly opposite Biblical truth. This priority of human reason lies at the root of many controversies between the Calvinists and Arminians. Both camps are guided by their fallen nature, and not by child-like Christian faith.

Some Verses to Consider: Isa. 8:20; 55:7-9; 65:2; 2 Cor. 10:4,5; Rom. 5:20-6:1; 10:17


by: Pr. Stuart Wood