"Over against all that reason suggests or would measure and fathom, yes, all that our senses feel and perceive, we must learn to cling to the Word and simply judge according to it."

- Martin Luther

25 Errors of the Modern Evangelicals

~Error 25~

Christ's Descent Into Hell

Even though this doctrine is clearly taught in the Word of God and even incorporated into the Apostle’s Creed, confessed by orthodox Christians for 2000 years, the modern Evangelical presumes a more enlightened knowledge by which he commonly denies this teaching. The doctrine, simply stated, is that following His blessed death on the Cross for our sins, Christ descended into hell and proclaimed His victory to the spirits now in prison. He did this so as to show Himself as both just and the justifier of those whose sins had been forgiven previously, and to show the justice of the condemnation of those who had rejected His promises since the beginning of the world. The descent of Christ into hell was not a part of His suffering for sins and His humiliation, but rather is the first rung of His exaltation above everything that is below, on, and above the earth.

Some Verses to Consider: 1 Pet. 3:18-20; Col. 2:15; Rom. 3:25,26


by: Pr. Stuart Wood