Practice Schedule


Our levels will be training at approximately 75% of your groups total training hours.  While we have been engaged in online trainings throughout the pandemic, we have only had three weeks of outdoor trainings.  Our plan is to rebuild strength and flexibility with safe, slow and steady progressions.  Safety is our number one priority.  Our first few weeks in the gym will be focused on rebuilding our athletes.  This rebuild is physical, emotional and mental.  There will be very limited equipment usage (no giants or flipping on the first day back).  A majority of the practice will take place on the gymnastics floor with intermittent equipment usage (mushrooms, floor bars, etc..).  This is a very gradual reentry into the gym.

Gymnastics Summer 2020 Workout Guidelines

Out of an abundance of caution if staff, athletes, or coaches are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 the Barcroft Sports and Fitness Center will close for the day and operations will be evaluated for the next day.  

Before Arriving to the Gym:

·       Parents, Gymnasts, and Coaches should take their temperature prior to arriving to practice each day.

·       Gymnasts and Coaches should not attend workouts if they feel sick, have a fever, or have been coughing.

·       Parents should not observe practices if they feel sick, have a fever, or have been coughing.

·       Gymnasts and Coaches should not attend workouts if they have been exposed to someone who has had COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

·       Gymnasts should not feel pressure to come to gymnastics if they are sick.

·       If a gymnast becomes sick while at home, please notify coaches immediately.

Facility Entry Procedures

·       Gymnasts should wait in cars until their assigned practice arrival time.

·       Gymnasts should sanitize hands immediately before lining up outside the building.

·       Gymnasts will bring a bag/backpack with personal items.

·       Gymnasts will wear masks from car until they reach the inside workout area.

·       At beginning of practice time, assemble in front of Barcroft building, 6 feet apart.

·       Parents should remain in car to see that gymnasts pass screening questions and enter the building; if not, parent will take gymnast home.

·       A gymnastics staff member will ask health screening questions.

·       Gymnasts will walk, minimum 6 feet apart, with masks, to workout area.

·       Gymnasts will place their bags 6 feet apart in designated area (no cubbies), then put away their masks in a paper or plastic bag.

·       Gymnasts will use hand sanitizer to sanitize their hands and feet before moving to the workout area.

Check-In Process

·       Attendance will be taken by coaches.

·       Cell phone and parent contact information will be included on attendance.


·       Minimum 10 feet distance between gymnasts and coaches during indoor practice; areas marked on floor to maintain proper distance.

·       Any distance violations will result in gymnast sitting out, and parents called to pick up gymnast. 


·       Gymnasts and Coaches will wear masks from car, to workout, and then from workout, to car.

·       Gymnasts do not need to wear masks during exercise activities.

·       Coaches are encouraged to wear masks during instruction unless they can maintain 10 feet distance.


·       Limited equipment will be used at this time to allow for cleaning and sanitization habits to be formed by gymnasts and staff.

·       If/when shared equipment is used in the future, athlete and/or staff member will wipe down equipment with County provided cleaning supplies, as applicable.

·       Community chalk bowls and spray water bottles will be removed.

·       Gymnasts will be given a block of chalk to keep in a labeled, sealable plastic bag or Tupperware container; this will stay in their bag/backpack for their individual use.

·       Gymnasts may bring their own small spray water bottle for use with chalk/grips (No spitting on hands/grips).

·       Gymnasts will use hand sanitizer on hands and feet between events using non-wipeable shared equipment (i.e., bars, beams, vault) .

·       Staff members will follow up with additional cleaning after each practice session to allow for proper sanitization before next practice session begins.

Facility Exit Procedures:

·       Gymnasts will use hand sanitizer on hands and feet at the end of practice.

·       Gymnasts will put on masks at conclusion of practice.

·       Gymnasts will pack up all items in their bags at conclusion of practice.

·       Led by a coach, gymnasts will walk, minimum 6 feet apart, with masks, to the Exit area .

·       Parents will pick gymnasts up in front of Barcroft; please park and get out of car to meet your gymnast – do not park in the fire lane.

Parents Observing Practice:

·       SafeSport policy allows parents to observe practice.

·       Parents will be asked COVID-19 screening questions upon building entry.

·       Parents will wear masks to enter building and while viewing practice.

·       Parents may enter the building after all gymnasts have safely entered. Note that doors will be locked after practice begins; please enter building at beginning of practice and plan to stay for the entirety.

·       Parent should refrain from bringing others to the gym to keep the total number of people to a minimum in the facility.

·       No snacks or drinks for those observing practice.

·       Parents will enter the mezzanine by using the stairway closest to the front desk.

·       Parents should remain minimum 6 feet apart in the mezzanine; socially distanced spaces will be marked .

·       Parents will exit the mezzanine by using the stairway closest to the wellness room and exit through the door.

·       Parent exiting process will occur 5 minutes before end of practice order to allow for spaced gymnast dismissal.

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