As we all know concussions are on the rise within competitive sports. Our coaches continue to educate ourselves on the latest research and take the necessary precautions when an athletes shows possible signs of a concussion.

It is just as important for parents to be familiar with the signs and symptoms of concussions. Please talk with your athlete regarding concussions and that they should immediately let their coaches know if they have any of the signs.

We are looking into guidelines and baseline testing for our athletes for the next competition season. More information will be available towards the end of the summer.

Below are some articles for you to read regarding concussion awareness.


Concussion Awareness
To help ensure the health and safety of young athletes, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) developed the Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports initiative to offer information about concussions to coaches, parents, and athletes involved in youth sports. The Heads Up initiative provides important information on preventing, recognizing, and responding to a concussion. We strongly suggest that parents take this opportunity to educate themselves on the symptoms of concussions and the appropriate way to monitor them. You will be surprised as to how many signs there are that most take for granted or simply miss.  Click HERE for more helpful information.

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