Garden Walk

This information is from last year's 2017 Event

2017 Garden Walk 


Unique Boutique


Sunday, June 25th

10 am – 4 pm




See FIVE distinctive residential gardens

$15 day of event or $10 in advance


Advance tickets available at:

·       Village Bank & Trust Lobby

3 Arlington Heights Locations starting June 1st 

·  Arlington Heights Farmers Market

Tickets available  Saturday, June 3rd, 10th, 17th, and 24th 




[at the Arlington Heights Historical Museum, 110 W Fremont]

Booths with arts, crafts, products and plants 

Master Gardeners

Ask the Arborist

Village of Arlington Heights Information Booth

Raffle with great prizes

Live music (10 am to 12 pm & 12 pm to 2 pm)

Family Activities with Arlington Heights Memorial Library (10 am - 12 pm)

Food Cart  (11 am - 3 pm)

   For more information call 847-514-0414


President’s Welcome


On behalf of the Arlington Heights Garden Club, we are glad to have you share the day with us.  This year we have 5 beautiful residential gardens.  We hope that you’ll enjoy the gardens of the Historical Museum which our club has maintained for several years.


The Unique Boutique is … unique!  Our vendors have the special and one-of-a-kind items or services you’ve been looking for.  Don’t miss the community booths manned by Master Gardeners from the U of I Extension Service, the Village of Arlington Heights Public Works, the Arlington Heights Memorial Library and Ryan Sherman, Certified Arborist with The Davey Tree Expert Co.  Check out the Raffle tent where you can win items donated by area businesses and our vendors.  We hope you enjoy the live music and get food and refreshments from Mario’s Cart.


We appreciate your support as it allows us to fund scholarships, conservation, and other club activities.  Please consider coming as a guest to one of our meetings.  Thank you to our sponsors, advertisers, business donors, homeowners, supporters, vendors, and volunteers.  A big thank you to the Garden Walk Planning Committee and our members for volunteering their time and talents to this event!


Jim Spannagel

Arlington Heights Garden Club President

In Memory

 We are deeply saddened to share with you that the owner of one of our featured gardens, Wendy Landwehr, passed away suddenly earlier this week.  As a tribute to Wendy, her husband Marty has asked that we enjoy Wendy’s garden this weekend, as she was looking forward to sharing it with you.  Our thoughts are with her family during this difficult time.

2017 Garden Walk Descriptions



1.  Garden with a History

Our gardener shared wonderful details about the property where this family’s garden and patio now sit.   Originally two homes were located on the property, along with a cheese shop.  Those buildings have disappeared however the cistern shared by the homes has remained.  It is now an amazing water feature with a pond and includes a soothing waterfall in the yard.

As you wind you way around the patio area you will see 2 small raised garden beds, just perfect for a crop of summer vegetables.  Ferns and hostas are featured near the large wrap around porch.  Climbing roses by the garage remind one of grandma’s house while a circular porch with its hanging baskets filled with annuals invite you to walk up and sit awhile.  There is a Magnolia tree in a raised circular garden that not only provides shade but lovely blossoms in the spring.  Pots on the patio with little birdhouses provide unassuming details and help to create a warm and friendly setting for this gardener and her guests.  It’s like having an outdoor family room right in the center of a peaceful yard.



2.  Visions of an English Garden

The picket fence and chocolate vine covered arbor sets the stage for a pleasing walk through this inspiring English garden.  Green Velvet boxwoods edge the curved sidewalk into the well-designed yard.  A small 4 square garden is reminiscent of Colonial days with an interesting surprise in the center – a hog feeder filled with annuals!  Your eyes will be delighted by the many varieties of hydrangeas found throughout the garden.  Be sure to look for the old push mower, not a planter, a pleasing reminder of lawn cutting in days gone by.

The gardener’s home is situated on a corner which provides ample areas of gardening delights.  Especially interesting is the use of bird baths filled with sedums.  You will see peony plants that have been in the family for over 100 years as well as azaleas, bachelor buttons and annuals in bloom.  A small garden area is even tucked into to a side area of the home.  The comfortable patio area provides the stage for alfresco dining in this inviting garden.



3.  Low Maintenance with a Flair

This garden catches your eye with a simplistic thought for low maintenance while professing detailed design and beauty.  Nepeta Walkers Low plants line the driveway, which provides a lovely blue color throughout the summer months.  A Japanese maple tree offers a colorful contrast to the gray shades of the gardener’s home.  Our gardener designed a unique gate with pergola which leads you into the backyard.  As you walk through the entrance, pay close attention to the detail of the gate and how that relates to the garden layout.  You step into an attractive “White” garden where all the blossoms are white in color. Landscaping lights illuminate this area in the evenings.

A massive patio area is found behind the home complete with an outstanding fountain and vessels filled with white Bird of Paradise plants.  Bluestone chips provide pleasing footing for the comfortable seating around a gas fire pit.   There is a fascinating huge vessel which can be seen in the rear of the yard.  Your eyes are then drawn to a relaxing area where 2 chaise lounge chairs can be found.  It’s a perfect spot to sit back and take in the traditional and attractive beauty of this enjoyable garden.



4.  Gardening from the Heart

This charming garden provides ongoing interest as you meander around curved garden areas.  In the front of the house you will notice a Sweet Gum tree, whose leaves are multicolored in the fall.  From her home office our gardener can view an area with birdhouses surrounded by an array of plantings.  Many varieties of plants will appeal to your eye and create a desire to add fascinating species to your own gardens.

Before entering the backyard take note of a unique White Fir tree.  This tree actually has a 2 leader trunk.   You will find a perennial garden in the backyard that features birdhouses created by our gardener’s husband.  Soft sounding chimes outside the patio and sunroom greet you while you step through this garden clearing speaking to you from the heart.  Along with a raspberry patch you will see a small vegetable garden that provides our gardener with fresh edibles throughout the summer.  There is a shade garden on the north side of the property where hostas line the sidewalk edge.  An interesting number of trees provide contrast and color throughout the garden.  Be sure to look for the Golden Rain tree which has yellow flowers in July.  An enticing water feature with fish completes the peaceful setting found in this garden.



5.  Unique and Inviting

Step upon the flagstone walkway as you enter through a vine wrapped arbor into this garden filled with sun and shade plantings.  Handmade birdhouses greet you as you take in the many interesting sites of this creative garden.  Our gardener has acquired fascinating pieces of art and sculpture that highlight various areas of the garden.

A wrought iron fence adds detail to this garden which holds enchanting delights around every corner.  A Red Maple tree helps to shade one of the 3 patios, all featuring unique details.  Be sure to look for the wine bottle hanging sculpture as well as other enticing pieces of garden art.  Take note of the antique wrought iron work which was quite a find for our home gardener.  Hostas live happily under the shade of evergreens while climbing roses blossom on the sunny side of the garage.

A special feature is the Secret Garden which is tucked away behind the gardener’s shed.  It’s a sweet place to sit and contemplate gardening ideas while sipping on a glass of wine or iced tea.  Lilies of the Valley provide ground cover in this delightful space as well as a small grassy place, perfect for a little table and chairs.  A garden which would delight all types of gardeners!