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The scene opens in Olde England where religious restrictions sent people to the new, budding colonies. A house is built at 201 Prince Street in Bordentown, New Jersey where Quakers settled, living in the peace they never knew in England. 

 But passions burst into the fierce fighting in a rebellion against the Mother Country as each individual takes a side in a conflict that made heroes of ordinary people.The Revolutionary War is on the horizon.

With the newly immigrated Scot, Thomas Fraser, we travel to South Carolina to experience the British side of the war. (Yes, he fought with fierce aggression for the Brits.) We peek into the lives of both sides battling to preserve their way of life. The Brits lose the war. But the Major has fallen in love with a southern belle. He stays in the newly formed country building a family and an empire, dividing his time between Charleston and Bordentown. His children experience their own unsettled history. One becomes a pioneer settling in the territory of Texas, some go into the France of Napoleon III. Everyday people lived intensely; standing firmly behind the personal beliefs they were willing to fight and die for.

Reading Major Fraser’s is like finding an old trunk full of personal letters unfolding the lives of long forgotten relatives. The house standing at 201 Prince Street witnesses it all. It comforts the families living there as they go through the loves, the friendships, the losses and the gains of life. The house expands and grows as its families do, always there to welcome, to comfort and to send them off into the world.                                                         

                                                                                                 LIFE & LABYRINTH                                                                                                                                  PurpleStone Press
                                                                                                                                  First     &     Revised

Out of the contemplation that comes from living deep in the forests of North Carolina, the author has brought bits of  memories and bits of poetry about life, love and all that goes in between. Laugh, weep and relive your own memories while walking the labyrinth of life.

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History has left its imprint on Bordentown, New Jersey in the form of ghosts. Spirits that rise up from the passion of life; spirits that refuse to leave a place they love. True stories from those that leave the Welcome mat out to experience and live with ghosts.

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Photos taken out of drawers and cupboards then published so all can enjoy seeing the history made and those that did the making. Look for familiar faces of the friends and families of your youth. Re-live the magic of yesteryear.