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What is FCCLA? FCCLA helps members develop leadership skills for life. FCCLA stands for Family Career and Commuity Leaders of America, the only organization with family at its core. Whether it be by enrolling in FACS classes or becoming involved in STAR events, going to seminars, or traveling to Cluster, FCCLA offers many opportunities for members to gain personal growth and leadership skills. 

How Do I Join?  Joining is simple! You must be, or have previously been, enrolled in a FACS class and pay your dues each year to be a member of FCCLA. 

FACS Classes Arkoma offers many FACS (Family and Consumer Sciences) classes. Whether you are looking to develop your cooking skills, learn parenting skills, develop a knowledge of finance, or have an interest in the design of clothing, home furnishings, or architectural design, there are FACS classes available for you.


STAR Events  Star Events are a great way to become involved in FCCLA! Star Events are a variety of competitions designed to help kids learn valuable skills for life such as, public speaking, project planning and execution, and a variety of computer and presentation skills. Winners of both 1st and 2nd place at State advance to Nationals, with a chance to travel in the summer and compete. 

Cluster  Every year FCCLA members are invited to travel and network with other FCCLA members from around the country. Students hear motivational speakers, attend workshop demonstrations, and compete in various competitions. Every year Cluster is held in three new locations. 

How to be an officer  Becoming an officer is a great way to develop your leadership skills .As an officer you perform duties neccessary for your office  and help plan and direct your local FCCLA chapter projects and activities. There are many offices you can run for. Sign up at the end of every year and run if you are interested in being involved with your chapter. You can also aim higher by running for district or state officer. 

State Convention  State Convention is a great way to learn more about what it means to be a FCCLA member.  Every year hundreds of members from all around Oklahoma meet to listen to speakers, attend workshops, network and see the next years Oklahoma officer team elected. The State Convention trip also includes educational and fun activities such as touring the bombing memorial, the zoo, shopping, and the special event at Frontier City.