The blendmode problem in Firefox & Flash player 10


With Flash player 10, Firefox 2 (or 3) and certain settings in flash I get some problematic bugs

Lets say I have an group of two movieclip circles and some text called "original"

I set the alpha of the group to 50%, and I want the alpha applied fully to the circles and text, not as separate items. I also want this flash object to be in wmode=transparent mode to let the website background show trough.

The traditional solution to set group.blendMode=BlendMode.LAYER; works quite fine with flash player 9.

However, when I use player 10, some ugly borders appear.




So, center group in the first flash object is what I want to happen, but without the ugly borders. Others are just a demonstration of when the problem does not appear (but those solutions have other problems, like bad alpha blending, non-transparent background, etc.). 

So here's a screenshot of what it looks like in my Firefox 2 with Flash player 10:

 You can also download my original flash file to see what I'm doing with it here:

In order to solve this problem I have posted to adobe flash forums:

My post on the forums

I have also filed an bugreport about this:

Oh, and it seems that this same bug happens with Opera 9.23 but not with the latest Opera 9.62