This is the Real & Original Self-Dox from OpBlackout. Ignore Xnites and any other Fake-Doxxes ie. 
This is Real Troll-Art tho tho:

Also check and before spreading misinformation.

To Trolls: Be EITHER Funny OR relevant. Expect to be attacked if you are BOTH boring AND cliche. Understand faggots? tl;dr LEARN2TROLL!!

Narcolepsy Diagnosis

Traumatic Brain Injury from Jeep Wreck

NeuroScience Major  >Expulsion

"Just write yourself a note" - Yes, Einstein, because you really understand Cognitive Dysfunction, Post-It notes can cure Traumatic Brain Injuries and you aren't a douche bag. 

Home-Care: Craigslist Landlord stole SSI money for a year, kept me locked up in a room the size of a closet then lost a 1,000$ court case.

How many years were completely wasted on US Pharmaceuticals and Profit-Care "psychiatry/psychotherapy"?

This list of drugs is INSANE. Do not let any "Insurance" company put your family members through this shit. If a few medications won't fix it, then a few dozen won't either.

FINALLY! some real TBI NeuroRehab

Current News:

FBI seized my "TBI Wheelchair" (the laymens term that my lawyer uses for my Cognitive Orthotic) raided me using the excuse that "KYanonymous of OpRedRoll snitched" even tho: 

1. I had nothing to do with OpRedRoll 
2. I cant Hack 
3. I spoke out publicly, advocating that the internet should wait until the trail before protesting