How to Cure Brainfog


     Imagine your Life with the perfect personal assistant that knows your every need. She (or he or it) can utilize predictive applications to convert your own biofeedback information into an individualized profile of all your medical priorities, personal preferences & life goals. She can recommend a plan, assist its execution, collect feedback, and adjust that plan as necessary, all while keeping loved ones and medical advisers up to date with real-time reports. Using an integration of Brain Computer Interface (BCI) devices with neurofeedback sensors, Cloud Networks and Cognitive orthotics this intuitive artificial intelligence system will make this all very possible. Right now. Free.

     Just think, your doctor can better manage your health through an interactive monitoring AP using your smart phone, PDA or laptop. The potential usages for this project are infinite,
from heart rate scans (potentially saving immediate lives), tracking medications and their effects, to something as fun (and surprisingly therapeutic) as setting music to compliment your mood (and heart rate) at the moment, or recommending affordable entertainment by alerting you to deals and packages that fit your individualized preferences if & when they become available.

     The ultimate organizational software linking any and all your potentially helpful devices in real time making this an invaluable tool for people suffering from Cognative dysfunction (brain fog) as they tackle the challenges of daily living. Multi-media integration with voice recordings, customized audio recordings and digital camera pictures enhances your individual profile. This personal digital assistant will allow you to control your time, saving you money, reducing your stress. Improving your life with the guarantee of those extra moments that you've always dreamed of or never dared to... yet.

    Successful therapies do not have to be expensive, complex, or exotic. In fact, I find them more often than not to be the opposite. Things that have been right under our noses all along, just waiting for a spark of inspiration and creative development.  Help me help us bring this to life. 

Aaron Bale  

This TBI Hacker already started -


Android ESP ("Eat Sleep Pee", a prediction & scheduling assistant tailored for new parents, pet owners, and caregivers)


Family, Friends, Case Managers, Doctors, Nurses, Advocates can connect to Patients real time, as needed.
here you see a Nurse Volunteer from Cincinnati reminding me to confirm transportation on a new prescription refill delivery service while I was GeoModeling for Google Earth 3D. a Myriad of Social Network tools are available to fill niche solutions. FaceBook with Skype has proven very popular with the Secret Narcoleptic Communities for its benefits in keeping one other awake during babysitting, work lulls and especially brainfoggy wakeup calls

1 Vote per Diagnosis
 X-Y-Z registration code where X= Patient ID (encrypted SSI hash) Y= Diagnosis ID (ICD10) Z= Doctor ID (encrypted SSI hash)
Example: 2253-474-9467 = Aarons Narcolepsy Vote


Smart Phones (and Dumb Phones via SMS), Smart Watches, Smart Glasses, BCI Headgear, 6th Sense Projectors

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

BCI (Brain-computer interface), and SmartWatch; (e.g. EPOC -300$) that can monitor my sleep patterns at home, ADHD/Excutive Dysfunction symptoms, medication effects, social updates (e.g. appointments missed, bills paid, etc) or other patient state cues (eye sensors, accelerometer, etc)
+sensory peripherals - BCI halos, pulse reading watches, breath monitoring bluetooth headsets, heart rate reading oxometers (instant heartrate app), GPS/MPH sensing car alarms, sleep/excersize accelermeters (My Naroclepsy doctor just used my HTC EVOs accelerometer to help better assess my prescription for Xyrem)

PDA smartphones (e.g. Motorola Droid Bionic/htc EVO)  24/7 syncd updated, realtime sensors,  Comparable to  VNA and nursing homes.