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Rhode Island Personal Injury Lawyer

rhode island personal injury lawyer
    personal injury
  • Physical injury inflicted on a person's body, as opposed to damage to property or reputation
  • (Personal Injuries) Personal Injuries is a novel by Scott Turow which was published in 1999. Like all of Turow's novels, it takes place in fictional Kindle County and many of the characters are recognized from other Turow novels.
  • (Personal injuries) A broader description of injuries sustained by victims of negligence than bodily injuries. Personal injuries can include lost wages and economic damage to reputations, while bodily injury pertains closely to medical expenses and related losses.
  • Personal injury is a legal term for an injury to the body, mind or emotions, as opposed to an injury to property. The term is most commonly used to refer to a type of tort lawsuit alleging that the plaintiff's injury has been caused by the negligence of another, but also arises in defamation torts.
    rhode island
  • a state in New England; one of the original 13 colonies; the smallest state
  • one of the British colonies that formed the United States
  • Aquidneck Island, (also called "Rhode Island") in the state of Rhode Island is an island in Narragansett Bay. The state is actually named for Aquidneck Island's official name, "Rhode Island". Hence, the island is usually referred to as Aquidneck Island to avoid confusion.
  • A state in the northeastern US, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean, one of the six New England states; pop. 1,048,319; capital, Providence; statehood, May 29, 1790 (13). Settled by England in the 17th century, it was one of the original thirteen states. It is the smallest and most densely populated US state
  • The burbot (Lota lota), from old french barbot, is the only freshwater gadiform (cod-like) fish. It is also known as mariah, the lawyer, and (misleadingly) eelpout, and closely related to the common ling and the cusk. It is the only member of the genus Lota.
  • A person who practices or studies law; an attorney or a counselor
  • a professional person authorized to practice law; conducts lawsuits or gives legal advice
  • A lawyer, according to Black's Law Dictionary, is "a person learned in the law; as an attorney, counsel or solicitor; a person licensed to practice law.
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Don't Lose Your Massachusetts Personal Injury Case Before You Begin
Don't Lose Your Massachusetts Personal Injury Case Before You Begin
Ken Margolin has practiced law in Massachusetts since 1973. Since the beginning of his career in legal services, he has sought justice for the common person hurt by wrongs committed by big government, business, or insurance interests. After leaving legal services for private practice, Attorney Margolin began representing people who had been injured because of medication errors, corporations who put profits ahead of people, medical malpractice, and by other types of negligence. Attorney Margolin has obtained millions of dollars for deserving clients harmed by the carelessness of others. He has represented personal injury clients in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Kansas. His successful results include one of the largest verdicts in a medication overdose case in Massachusetts history. In addition to his representation of injured people, Attorney Margolin has taught at the graduate level, has been extensively published on various legal topics, and is an accomplished public speaker. Today, Ken Margolin is proud to be a solo practitioner, which means that he handles your case from start to finish. While he may work with other attorneys if the case requires it, he will always be personally in charge of your case. Attorney Margolin prides himself on explaining the law clearly and simply to his clients, and involving them every step of the way you will never be in the dark about your case. Obtaining justice for his clients, has been Ken Margolin's life's work.

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Rhode Island 162
Rhode Island 162
Rosecliff, built 1898-1902, is one of the Gilded Age mansions of Newport, Rhode Island, now open to the public as a museum. It was built by Theresa Fair Oelrichs, a silver heiress from Nevada, whose father James Graham Fair was one of the four partners in the Comstock Lode. She was the wife of Hermann Oelrichs, American agent for Norddeutscher Lloyd steamship line. She and her husband, together with her sister, Virginia Fair, bought the land in 1891 from the estate of George Bancroft, and commissioned the architectural firm of McKim, Mead, and White to design a summer home suitable for entertaining on a grand scale. With little opportunity to channel her considerable energy elsewhere, she "threw herself into the social scene with tremendous gusto, becoming, with Mrs. Stuyvesant Fish and Mrs. O.H.P. Belmont (of nearby Belcourt) one of the three great hostesses of Newport." [2] The principal architect, Stanford White, modeled the mansion after the Grand Trianon of Versailles, but smaller and reduced to a basic "H" shape, while keeping Mansart's scheme of a glazed arcade of arched windows and paired Ionic pilasters, which increase to columns across the central loggia. White's Rosecliff adds to the Grand Trianon a second storey with a balustraded roofline that conceals the set-back third storey, containing twenty small servants' rooms and the pressing room for the laundry.
Rhode Island Dressing
Rhode Island Dressing
As I understand it Rhode Island Dressing is completely unknown in Rhode Island ... but here it's quite common

rhode island personal injury lawyer