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My Profile

Name: Arjun Surendra


Master of Science in Software Systems from BITS Pilani.
Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from VTU.

You can see some of my contributions to the world of programming under the Programming link.

My CPAN contributions: http://search.cpan.org/~arjuns/

My Open Source contributions: https://github.com/DeemOpen/zkui


  • Java
  • Object Oriented Programming,Design Patterns, Load balancing.
  • JEE (JSP, Servlets,Freemarker, JSF, JMS, Webservices,EJB, JPA)
  • Perl,Shell scripting, Python, Ruby, Groovy,XML, JSON
  • Performance: Dynatrace, Jconsole,AWR Reports,Cloud test, Jmeter.
  • Messaging: ActiveMQ, TIBCO
  • Distributed Computing: Zookeeper,GridGain, Hadoop, Zookeeper
  • Java Frameworks: Spring Framework, Quartz, Spring Security
  • Caching: EHCache, Memcache
  • Persistence Frameworks: Hibernate, JPA, Active JDBC.
  • Web Services: SOAP & JAX-RS
  • Javascript Frameworks: Jquery,Angular JS, AJAX, Javascript.
  • CSS Frameworks: Bootstrap, Jquery UI.
  • Reporting: Jasper reports, Ireports, Jfree charts.
  • Database: Mysql, Oracle, DB2, SQLite, Derby, Mongo DB,NoSQL, Couchbase.
  • Database Migration Framework: Flyway, Liquibase
  • Data Modelling: Mysql workbench, Erwin.
  • Web Servers: Apache Server, Tomcat,Jetty, Weblogic, JBoss, Glassfish, OC4J,Heroku
  • Unit Testing: TestNG, Junit, Mockito
  • Version Control: Perforce, CVS, SVN, PVCS, GIT
  • Configuration Management: Reviewboard, Jenkins,Sonar, Ant, Maven
  • Design: UML Modeling.
  • Perl Web Frameworks: CGI, mod_perl, fastcgi, catalyst.
  • Web frameworks: Django, Rails & Grails,Ninja Web framework, Spark, Spring MVC