The Arizona Symphonic Winds

The Arizona Symphonic Winds

The Arizona Symphonic Winds, under the direction of László Veres, is Southern Arizona’s Premiere community concert band. Comprised of 65 volunteers, this musical organization presents concerts in the Tucson area and has been doing so for over twenty-three years. Included in its repertoire are Broadway show tunes, orchestral transcriptions, movie themes, marches, and traditional band literature. The Winds performs an average of sixteen concerts yearly including our outdoor series at Udall Park, a winter/spring indoor series at Catalina Foothills High School as well as extending our performances to the communities of SaddleBrooke and Oro Valley. The band frequently showcases both professional and amateur soloists as well as talented young performers at its concerts and continues an old American tradition of the free concert in the park for our community.



Saturday, September 9 at 7:00 PM

7600 East Tanque Verde Road.  

Concerts are free to the public.  

We look forward to seeing you there!

September 9

“EMBLEM OF UNITY” March                                J.J. Richards-arr.J.Swearinger

“TIR NA NOG” a Celtic Legend                                                    C. Strommen

“STAR WARS MEDLEY                                              J. Williams-arr. H. Burden

 “CHANSON TRISTE”                                                 Tchaikovsky-arr. A. Reed

 “COLONIAL SCENES”                                                   M. Harris—M. Wolfram

 “POP AND ROCK LEGENDS: PAUL McCARTNEY”                       arr. M. Sweeney

 “THE TUCSON MARCH” March                                                       M. Wolfram


“BROADWAY IMPRESSIONS”                                                         A. Waignen

“ROLLING THUNDER” March                                          H. Fillmore—F. Fennell

“ALLIGATOR ALLEY”                                                                   M. Daugherty

 “STEPHEN FOSTER REVISITED” Medley                                      arr. J. Ployhar

“CHILDREN’S MARCH”                                                                E.F. Goldman

“BEACH BOYS SING-ALONG”                                                        arr. M. Story

 “AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL”                                           S.Ward-arr. C.Dragon



September 16

“Stars of the Future”

Guests: Phoenix Hanes, tuba—Liam Boyd, Irish dancer

“FROM OCEAN TO OCEAN” March                                                   T.P. Booke

”JUBILEE FOR WINDS” for Concert Band                                            C. Smith

“THE KIDS FROM FAME SHOWCASE”                                           arr. J. Nowak

“BEELZEBUB” Air Varié—Solo for Tuba                                             A. Catozzi

                                                               Phoenix Hanes, tuba

“SALUTE TO THE SUPERGROUPS”                                               arr. C.B. Kidd

“ORPHEUS IN THE UNDERWORLD” Overture              J. Offenbach-arr. L. Odom


“TOWN CRIER MARCH”                                                                  L. B. Smith

“SWAN LAKE SUITE” For Concert Band                 Tchaikovsky—arr. R. Bardeen

“IRISH PARTY IN THE THIRD CLASS”                                        arr. R. Saucedo

                                                           Liam Boyd, Irish Dancer

“THE WALKING FROG” Two-Step                                    K. King—arr. R. Foster

“CROONER’S SERENADE” Medley of Tunes                                 arr. J. Williams

“AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL”                                                  S.Ward/C.Dragon



September 23

“Stars of the Future”

Guests:  Sarah Roland and Naomi Turner, cello—Joshua Thai, violin

“PEPITA GREUS” Pasodoble                                           P.P. Chovi-arr. H. Gore

“SILVERADO” from the Motion Picture “Silverado”        B. Broughton-arr.R. Bass

“CONCERTO FOR TWO CELLOS”                                                        A. Vivaldi

                                                  Sarah Roland and Naomi Turner, cello

“THREE AYRES from GLOUCESTER”                                                   H. Stuart

“CONCORD”                                                                              C. Grundman

                                                         Matt Stout, conductor

“CZARDAS” for Solo Violin                                                                 V. Monti

                                                          Joshua Tahi, violin

“THE LITTLE MERMAID” Medley                                   A. Menken-arr.J. Bocook


”MARCH OF THE CUTE LITTLE WOOD SPRITES”         P.D.Q. Bach (1807-1742)?

“DER FREISCHUTZ” Overture                      C.M von Weber-arr.T. Moses-Tobani

“THE CRIMSON PETAL” Waltz                                                             F. Jewell

“THE TYPEWRITER” Novelty                                                           L. Anderson

“SUMMER OF ‘69” (Music of Woodstock)                                     arr. T. Ricketts

“AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL”                                                   S.Ward/C.Dragon



September 30

“An Evening with Elena”

”DREAMERS, LOVERS AND HEROES” Medley                                   arr. K. Dye

“A BRASS THING” from “Serenada Schizophrana”          D. Elfram-arr.R.Salcido

“THE KLAXON” March                                               H. Fillmore-arr.F. Fennell

“IRISH TUNE from COUNTY DERRY” and “SHEPHERD’S HEY”            P. Grainger

                                              Renee Shane-Boyd, conductor


     1. “I Can Give You the Starlight” - I. Novello    2. “Softly As In A Morning Sunshine”

                                        S. Romberg   3. “The Trolley Song” - H. Blane

 “X-MEN UNITED”                                                       J. Ottman-arr. V. Lopez

“MARCH MALCHUS”                                                                      M. Wolfram

                           For Budd Malchus on his 80th Birthday—World Premier


“CASEY AT THE BAT” Narrated by Al Vreeland                                   R.A. Bass


     1. “The Wrong Note Rag” - L. Bernstein    2. “Lonely Town” - L. Bernstein

                                               3. “I Feel Pretty” - L. Bernstein

 “TRIBUTE TO SAMMY DAVIS, JR.” Medley                                  arr. S. Nestico

“AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL”                                                  S.Ward/C.Dragon


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