Arizona Spider Identification

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arizona spider identification
arizona spider identification - Common Dragonflies
Common Dragonflies of the Southwest
Common Dragonflies of the Southwest
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Ghost Spider
Ghost Spider
This ghost spider, Arachosia cubana, defied identification for quite some time. Initial consensus was a species of Tibellus, in an entirely different family. Thanks to Volado Arrabal for setting us all straight. The spider was prowling the sheet at Margarethe Brummermann's blacklight in the Chiricahua Mountains, a trip which I was fortunate to be a part of.
Wolf Spider (big)
Wolf Spider (big)
You can't make a conclusive identification of a large wolf spider like this without at least an image of the underside. This was an enormous specimen, so hey, you turn her over! Hogna carolinensis is the collective best guess.
arizona spider identification
arizona spider identification
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