The Arizona Santa Claus

Someone special missing from this year's party?



                   LOOK NO FURTHER!


  Booking now for

November 27 thru December 23


Christmas Eve - By very special arrangement

Christmas Day - By very special arrangement
(Check Calendar page)

Experienced Santa, available for your party, family event, church social, or school function. Proceeds to provide Christmas for a needy family or two, this year. Prices negotiable, and vary due to event size and duration.

Naturally, Santa will be wearing his custom tailored suit, made of the finest elven fabrics. Schedule and event considerations are very flexible.

Santa's bag can be pre-arranged to contain gifts provided by you; does visits with children young and old, and is trained to interact with special populations. When possible, Santa can even bring along the lovely Mrs Santa, or his most trusted elf.

As expected, Santa is familiar with a number of international customs regarding Saint Nick, and will work with you to make them an important part of the visit. Whether it is candy canes, coal, cookies, paper crowns, big white boomers, or emphasis on Christian values and "Reason for the Season" or other traditions, let's make it happen!

Santa can also ride, rope, and team-drive. (How else would he handle a team of reindeer?)

You may find value in knowing that this Santa does not drink, or smoke, and with the exception of smelling a little like a reindeer, will be pleasant to have at your event.

Santa spends Sunday with his family, but is available most other days, and is booking NOW for dates Starting November 26th through Christmas Day. Need a little help keeping the kids believing in Santa? Perhaps a special visit on Christmas eve will do the trick. 

My calendar will fill FAST - so contact me soon to lock in your event. Please use contact page on this website and provide contact information, with details of your event.

My goal is to provide an experience you and your children will not forget, at a price that can meet your needs, for as many as possible this year, and help the families I have pre-selected to receive a special Santa Christmas.



 Santa can be present at: Holiday parties, school assemblies, bazaars, family home evening, bar mitzvah, community events, church socials, Christmas parties, and many other functions.
On special request, Santa can arrange his Christmas Eve deliveries to be at your home at just the right time, so little ones can catch him in the act of placing presents, eating cookies, etc. (I promise not to leave tracks in the snow at your house)
When not being "Santa" he is associated with the world's largest youth service organization, and is very familiar with experiential youth interactions. Rest assured that a criminal background has been cleared, and that Santa will always follow accepted standards to protect youth from abuse and neglect.
Santa has been trained to work with special populations, including youth with aspergers, downs, autism; blind, deaf, and those youth with impaired mobility.