The Sounds Of Silence

Many have asked us to add the bands and other artists that are boycotting Arizona to our official list.

The fact is, they would probably get more publicity from this site than they are due and certainly more attention than they deserve.

When one looks over the list of artists boycotting AZ, you see a bunch of has-beens flailing away for attention.  Piling on will not be dignified, nor rewarded.

There are many new artists and people with talent who are seeking opportunities.  We look forward to supporting them in AZ.

If you are a former star with an opinion on SB1070.  Listen carefully, nobody cares.  Your opinion is no more valuable than the rest of us.

The fact that you are giving up a gig, probably one of the last few you have left, means you must really care.  Stand by your principals, become more obscure.

The fact that you would use up whatever fame you have left to hurt the livelihoods of people who actually work for a living, the same people who paid to see you and make you famous in the first place,  shows how ungrateful you really are.

Now that you have revealed yourself,  we can use the money we save to support those new faces that could use a break.  Good riddens.