A Clarification on San Diego

This site was created to return the favour to those who were boycotting Arizona.  The initial list of entities who were "known" to already be boycotting Arizona all started with San Diego.  A quick google search shows links to many sources indicating that what the San Diego city council did was issue a resolution to boycott Arizona.

As the story goes, "you can't believe everything you see on the Internet, even when nearly everyone is saying the same thing".

Indeed, numerous groups, at least one school district, and many bloggers did issue boycotts of Arizona and spewed foul language diatribes against Arizona and its people. There are photo's of San Diegan's holding big signs saying "Boycott Arizona" and other garbage.

Since this site was created, coverage in the media has been massive.  So far, more than 96 television stations and newspapers have run one or more stories about this site.  Coverage also included 7 foreign countries.

This site faults all of the characters involved, including those who rammed this bill through in the first place.  This site is about putting a chill on the morons and ideologues who are seeking to move from debate to economic warfare.

The response has been overwhelming.  The word I would say best describes Arizonan's response would be "relief".  Many people were happy to see we were not going to have to take this lying down.  For non-Arizonan's, the best words to describe the response are "right on. good job, we are with you."

But, I have to admit, that when it comes to San Diego, I did not do a good job of vetting the information I was given.

The fundamental premise of this site is to say to those who are radically intolerant, and actually think their ideology is more important than people's livelihoods:  "if you are so intolerant and immature that you want to hurt people's financial well being, just because they disagree with you, you suck.  And, right back at ya."

I have received hundreds of calls and emails from folks trying to update the list, give thanks for this site, or to ask for co-operation or support for other efforts under way to fight back.  I have two friends who help me to perform due diligence on new tips on who might or is now boycotting Arizona.  Each new tip is vetted and confirmed before it is added to our site.  We do not want to be quick or cavalier to return a boycott call.

Thanks to a diligent reporter for the San Diego North County Times, who took the time to contact me.  A follow up has been performed, and this clarification is needed. 

The San Diego city council's resolution was for censure of Arizona, not a boycott.

Due to this fact, I apologize for echoing, the prolifically available, bad information indicating that they did call for a boycott.  San Diego was the first to be added to our list, the list was compiled from three sources, all of which indicated they called for a boycott and we failed to discover that inaccuracy.  Boycotts should never be considered lightly, and I take them very seriously.

It is clear that many in San Diego, are enacting their own forms of boycott.  There are some things your citizens have posted or published that are despicable.   However, the San Diego city council exercised restraint and kept their action to a statement.  I wish to thank the council for keeping their actions in the realm of debate and not economic warfare.

Again, please accept my apology for, over the past week or so, being part of the problem.  I am a lover of truth.  It pains me to have made such a mistake.

As far as my opinion on the fact the San Diego city council would issue a resolution about another state; My response is "mind your own business."

*** Update: 2010-05-23
San Diego has been dropped from our official boycott list.

Although morons like  Shelia Jackson and Richard Barrera of the San Diego Unified School District who led a unanimous vote to boycott Arizona, San Diego City Councilman Ben Hueso who says the law is racist even though he never read it, Rev. Madison Shockley who wants a boycott with no consequences, the music artist Shakira, Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg who wanted the State of California to boycott Arizona, San Diego Padres first baseman Adrian Gonzalez and his personal but very public boycott,  Pedro Rios of the American Friends Service Committee, La Prensa of San Diego (http://laprensa-sandiego.org/editorial-and-commentary/editorial/to-boycott-arizona-is-good-but-we-need-to-address-the-real-issue/) who is one of the biggest advocates for economic warfare against Arizona, union folks like Randy Shaw that want to ensure the economic boycott is in effect for a long time, and a whole mess of very nasty bloggers whose hatred and foul language reveal a grotesque underbelly from the radical left.

Also, many of the major news outlets have edited their stories to indicate the San Diego council resolution was for censure only.