Arizona Fights Back

Arizona is now submerged in another controversy.  This time relating to Bill 1070.  This is a bill that echoes federal law and makes it a crime to be in Arizona illegally.  It also allows police officers that suspect an individual, who has been detained, is in the country illegally, to inquire about their immigration status.  In other words, if you get stopped by a police officer, and he suspects you are in the country illegally, he is allowed to ask about your immigration status.

While it is clear that the law was rammed through in a brash manner, and there are an infinite number of ways this bill could have been passed without raising such controversy. The fact remains that something had to be done.

  • Since the federal government cannot be compelled to protect Arizona, Arizona had to defend itself.  It is truly sad that the first duty of the federal government is to protect the country and provide for the common defense and yet they openly refuse to perform that duty.
  • Since the present presidential administration is comfortable to condemn a bill they have not even read (thank you Atty General Eric Holder and company).
  • Since congress could heal all of the issues that have led us all to this point, but refuses to do so.  They would rather spend their time enriching themselves and patronizing select groups of preferred citizens.
  • Since the illegal immigration problem in Arizona is sustaining human slavery by creating a class of people with almost no rights, are exploited, who pay a premium to live in substandard conditions, and who regularly live in fear of gangs, kidnappings, and murder.

We, in Arizona, did something.

Now a bunch of morons and ideologues wish to harm the livelihoods of Arizona businesses and residents.  Cities, organizations, and out-of-state businesses have all initiated boycotts of Arizona businesses.  Ironically, the industries most impacted by their boycotts are those that impact the families who have already suffered as a result of illegal immigration.  But, they do not care.  Their ideology is more important than facts or reality.

The people of Arizona care.

Now we need to fight back.  This site is dedicated to recording, communicating, and sharing the list of those who betrayed Arizona and seek to cause it harm.

This site is fighting against those who believe their ideas are more important than the livelihoods of the people of Arizona.  We say that economic warfare against Arizona is crossing the line.

Citizens of Arizona, fight back by boycotting those listed on our Official Boycott List.   We are already winning the battle.  Now we must act decisively against those who intend to harm our economy.

If you do not live in Arizona, but wish to stand with us.  Please make use of our official Boycott List as a reference for who to boycott.