Chapter Officers

Tim McMichael, President

Tim teaches Computer Science/Information Technology at Raymond S. Kellis High School in Glendale. He has 12 years of teaching experience, including 5 years teaching AP Computer Science. He currently serves as the Program Lead for Information Technology in the Peoria Unified School District, as well as CTE Instructional Lead (department chair) at Kellis. In 2010 served as a Reader for the 2010 AP Computer Science A exam. For the past two years, Tim has co-represented Arizona as a member of the CSTA Leadership Cohort.

Dr. Charles Bruen, Vice President

Charles has been involved in computing for the last 48 years. He has a MS in computer science from NJIT, and a doctorate in mathematics from Columbia. He taught programming at the high school level for 40 years, starting with Fortran, then moving to Basic, Pascal, COBOL, VB, C, C++, C#, Java, and J++. He has taught programming at the college level for 8 years and even taught Logo and a Logo type language to 4th graders. He has been involved with the ACM on a previous task force for pre-college computer science, and is a charter member of CSTA.

Renee Ciezki, Secretary

Renee teaches Computer Science at Ironwood High School in Glendale. She has more than 25 years of teaching experience and has been an AP Reader and College Board consultant since 2000. Renee currently serves as the College Board Advisor on the APCS Development Committee. A charter member of CSTA, Renee is part of the CSTA Leadership Cohort and a founding member of the Arizona Chapter.

Dianna Denton, Treasurer

Dianna teaches Computer Science/Information Technology at Centennial High School in Peoria, AZ. She has 25 years of teaching experience, including math, computer concepts, Introduction to Computer Programming and 23 years teaching AP Computer Science. Dianna has served as a Reader, Table Leader and as a Question Leader for the AP Computer Science A and the former AP Computer Science AB exams over the last 10 years.

Farideh (Faye) Navabi, University Liaison

Farideh (Faye) Navabi joined ASU in 1997. She is currently a senior lecturer in the department of Computer Science and Engineering. Prior to ASU, Faye held a teaching position at University of Louisiana in Monroe. Faye’s research focuses on computer science education, programming languages, and software development. She is interested in improving the undergraduate program curriculum, and works on developing strategies to help students succeed in introductory courses and to retain students in the program. She has taught courses in the computer science curriculum that focus on program development, programming languages, data structures and algorithms.