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Criminal Defense Law Offices

criminal defense law offices
    criminal defense
  • (Criminal defenses) In the field of criminal law there are a variety of conditions that will tend to negate elements of a crime (particularly the intent element), known as defenses. The label may be apt in jurisdictions where the accused may be assigned some burden before a tribunal.
  • In civil proceedings and criminal prosecutions under the common law, a defendant may raise a defense (or defence) in an attempt to avoid criminal or civil liability.
    law offices
  • A lawyer's office
  • (Law office) A lawyer, according to Black's Law Dictionary, is "a person learned in the law; as an attorney, counsel or solicitor; a person licensed to practice law.
  • (Law Office) a small, free-standing office of a lawyer
criminal defense law offices - The Prosecution
The Prosecution and Defense of Public Corruption: The Law and Legal Strategies
The Prosecution and Defense of Public Corruption: The Law and Legal Strategies
The Prosecution and Defense of Public Corruption: The Law and Legal Strategies is the first comprehensive, practice-oriented treatment of the law of public corruption in the U.S. legal market.

This unique publication provides a thorough legal analysis of the disparate areas of the law that can be used to prosecute public officials at all levels of government. In The Prosecution and Defense of Public Corruption, authors Peter J. Henning and Lee J. Radek discuss how counsel can develop appropriate legal strategies for prosecuting and defending these cases. Many essential topics are addressed with the practitioner in mind, including: Evidence Gathering Issues; Privilege Issues; Issues at Trial; Sentencing Issues.

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Crowell Law Offices - Hendrick Crowell
Crowell Law Offices - Hendrick Crowell
Hendrick S. Crowell, II, is at home in the field of criminal defense, and criminal justice has been his passion even before law school, as an undergraduate in Criminal Justice at CSU, Sacramento. Even before college, he worked in the office with his parents, who also specialize in the field of criminal defense and personal injury.
Bloom Legal LLC - 700 Camp St
Bloom Legal LLC - 700 Camp St
Bloom Legal LLC is located at 700 Camp St at the corner of Camp and Girod in the Warehouse District in New Orleans. Call us at 504-599-9997 for a free case evaluation and to schedule a time to meet about your case.

criminal defense law offices
criminal defense law offices
Defending the Damned: Inside Chicago's Cook County Public Defender's Office
Chicago was the nation's deadliest city in 2001, recording 666 homicides. For lawyers in the Cook County Public Defender's Office Murder Task Force, that meant a steady flow of new clients. Eight out of ten people arrested for murder in Chicago are represented by public defenders. They're assigned the most challenging and seemingly hopeless cases, yet they always fight to win.
One of those lawyers is Marijane Placek, a snakeskin boot-wearing, Shakespeare-quoting nonconformist whose courtroom bravado and sharp legal skills have made her a well-known figure around the courthouse. When an ex-convict was arrested on charges of killing a Chicago police officer that deadly year, Placek got the high-profile case, and her defense forms the hub around which the book's narrative revolves.
Veteran journalist Kevin Davis reveals the compelling true story of a team of battle-scarred lawyers fighting against all odds. Unflinching, gripping, and full of surprises, Defending the Damned is an unforgettable human story and engaging courtroom drama where life and death hang in the balance. Davis explores the motives that compel these lawyers to come to work in this dark corner of the criminal justice system and exposes their insular and often misunderstood world.
This groundbreaking work comes at a time when the country has seen how wrongful convictions have slipped through the system, that innocent people have been sent to death row, and that some police have lied or coerced suspects into confessing to crimes they did not commit. Such flaws drive these public defenders even harder to do their jobs, providing scrutiny to a long ignored and often broken system.
Davis's reporting offers an unvarnished account of public defenders as never seen before. A powerful melding of courtroom drama and penetrating truecrime journalism, Defending the Damned is narrative nonfiction at its finest.