Attorney General Texas Child Support

attorney general texas child support
    attorney general
  • The principal legal officer who represents a country or a state in legal proceedings and gives legal advice to the government
  • the chief law officer of a country or state
  • the person who holds the position of secretary of the Justice Department; "Edmund Randolph was the first Attorney General, appointed by President Washington"
  • The head of the US Department of Justice
  • In most common law jurisdictions, the attorney general, or attorney-general, is the main legal advisor to the government, and in some jurisdictions he or she may in addition have executive responsibility for law enforcement or responsibility for public prosecutions.
    child support
  • court-ordered support paid by one spouse to the other who has custody of the children after the parents are separated
  • action for funds to support a minor child or children.
  • Court-ordered payments, typically made by a noncustodial divorced parent, to support one's minor child or children
  • In family law and government policy, child support or child maintenance is the ongoing practice for a periodic payment made directly or indirectly by an "obligor" to an "obligee" for the financial care and support of children of a relationship or marriage that has been terminated, or in some
  • James A. Michener's Texas (also called Texas) is a 1994 made for TV movie directed by Richard Lang and starring Stacy Keach, Benjamin Bratt, Rick Schroder, Patrick Duffy and many other actors.
  • A state in the southern US, on the border with Mexico, with a coastline on the Gulf of Mexico; pop. 20,851,820; capital, Austin; statehood, Dec. 29, 1845 (28). The area was part of Mexico until 1836, when it declared independence, became a republic, and began to work for admittance to the US as a state
  • the second largest state; located in southwestern United States on the Gulf of Mexico
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attorney general texas child support - 1852 Solicitor-General
1852 Solicitor-General Kelly Attorney-General Thesiger
1852 Solicitor-General Kelly Attorney-General Thesiger
Full page from our copy of the Illustrated London News dated 1852, an illustrated weekly newspaper weeks date as shown on top of page, the size of each page is approximately 16 x 11 inches (410x280). All are genuine antique prints and not modern copies, the Illustrated London News is an illustrated magazine which was first printed in 1842 and is the finest pictorial example of a historic social record of British and world events up to the present day. The ILN is known for its coverage of the following subjects the wars, ships, boats, guns, sailing, portraits, fine art, old and antique prints, wood cut, wood engravings, early photographs, Victorian life, Victorian culture, kings, queens, royalty, travels, adventures, natural history, birds, fish, mammals, fishing, hunting, shooting, fox hunting, sports including tennis, cricket, football, horse racing, politics and many more items of interest founded by Herbert Ingram may 14th 1842.

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Saundersfoot Caravan Site, Pembrokeshire, June 1963, and some World history!
Saundersfoot Caravan Site, Pembrokeshire, June 1963, and some World history!
My Dad hired this Ford Prefect saloon from a family run garage in Oak Street, Wolverhampton, so as to take us on holiday to Saundersfoot, South Wales, in June 1963. It was the second year that he'd hired the same car, having taken us to Portland, Dorset in 1962. I can still remember the car was a sage-green colour with a drop down boot lid, and having to kneel on the seats to see out of its windows. At the time, my mother would have been pregnant with my brother, who would be born in the December of that year. Innocent and happy times for our family, but what else was happening in the world in 1963? January 1963: The year started with the Big Freeze, the winter of 1962–1963 being one of the coldest winters on record in England and Wales. As temperatures plummeted, lakes and rivers began to freeze over. Since records had begun in 1659, only the winter of 1683–4 had been significantly colder, with 1739–40 being slightly colder than in 1962–3. In the February, Cliff Richard's 'Summer Hoiliday' hit the big sceen, giving some light relief from the misery of that cold and snowy Winter . The film produced a string of memorable hits: with Summer Holiday, The Next Time, Bachelor Boy and Foot Tapper all reaching number one in the British pop charts during the first three months of 1963. In March, The infamous American Alcatraz Island federal penitentiary in San Francisco Bay closes; the last 27 prisoners being transferred elsewhere at the order of Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. In Britain, Dr. Beeching issues a report calling for huge cuts to Britain's rail network, which would have far reaching affects. April: Martin Luther King, Jr., Ralph Abernathy, Fred Shuttlesworth and others are arrested in a protest in Birmingham, Alabama for "parading without a permit". 70,000 marchers arrive in London from Aldermaston, to demonstrate against nuclear weapons. The U.S. nuclear submarine Thresher sinks 220 miles east of Cape Cod; all 129 crewmen die. May: Dr. No, the first James Bond film, is shown in U.S cinemas, and the Coca-Cola Company debuts its first diet drink, TaB cola. June: In Saigon, Buddhist monk Thich Qu?ng ??c commits self-immolation, burning to death in public view in protest to the oppression of Buddhists by the Ngo Dinh Diem administration. On the 11th of that month, US President John F. Kennedy makes a historic civil rights speech, in which he promises a Civil Rights Bill, and asks for "the kind of equality of treatment that we would want for ourselves." And in Wales, UK, the Beatles play at the Borough Theatre in Abergavenny. July: Teenager, Pauline Reade, 16, is abducted in Manchester by the evil Myra Hindley and Ian Brady, who's terrible crimes against children were then unknown to the world. In the USA, ZIP Codes (postcodes) are introduced. August: On the 8th August, the ?2.6 million, Great Train Robbery takes place in Buckinghamshire, England, which results in the eventual death of the train driver 'Stan Agate'. The 15-member gang, was led by Bruce Reynolds and included Ronnie Biggs, Charlie Wilson, Jimmy Hussey, Roy James, Jimmy White, Tommy Wisbey, Gordon Goody and Buster Edwards. ?2m was stolen in used ?1, ?5 and ?10 notes, the equivalent of ?40 million today. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivers his 'I Have A Dream' speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to an audience of at least 250,000, during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. In Ipswich, the Town's last trolleybus runs to depot, ending 39 years of trolleybus operation. September: Members of a Ku Klux Klan group bomb the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama, killing 4 and injuring 22. The bombing increased support for people working for civil rights. It marked a turning point in the U.S. civil-rights movement of the mid-twentieth century and contributed to support for passage of civil rights legislation in 1964. Elsewhere, Malaysia is formed through the merging of the Federation of Malaya and the British crown colony of Singapore, North Borneo (renamed Sabah) and Sarawak. In Britain, the University of East Anglia is established in Norwich. October: Hurricane Flora, one of the worst Atlantic storms in history, hits Hispaniola and Cuba killing nearly 7,000 people. The nuclear test ban treaty, signed on August 5, takes effect. Alec Douglas-Home succeedes Harold Macmillan as British Prime Minister. November: On Friday, 22nd November, United States President John F. Kennedy is assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Sitting just ahead of the President in the open car, Texas Governor John B. Connally is seriously wounded. Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson becomes the 36th President. The Beatles' second U.K. album, 'With The Beatles' is released. The Dartford Tunnel, running beneath the River Thames is opened to the public. December: In the United States, the X-20 Dyna-Soar spaceplane program is cancelled. Also on this date: Chuck Yeager "while testing an NF-104A
Raymundo Garcia
Raymundo Garcia
My name is Raymundo Garcia. You may also know me as Raymundo Carmona. You would think that if I was going to hide and change my name I would have been smart enough to change my first name as well. I owe my child in El Paso, Tx. over $25,000.00. I was arrested in April 2008 but I am still deliquent on my child support and probably have another warrant out for my arrest. For some reason I have a hard time financially supporting my child. I am a truck driver and general laborer. If you see me or know where I live please contact the Texas Attorney Generals office and turn me in.

attorney general texas child support
attorney general texas child support
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