Arioso Music provides beautiful music for your wedding and other special events. 
We perform a variety of music styles including classical, jazz, rock, and pop favorites. 
We look forward to helping make your wedding day memorable.

We are available in trio, duo, or solo arrangements and play
classical, jazz, modern, and other types of music.
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music options. 
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 We serve the San Francisco Bay Area

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and  500  YouTube comments

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Dependable and Professional

We arrive early.  Each event requires an understanding the subtle cues and particular rituals of each wedding. We are experienced at following a program but still remaining flexible when delays occur.  We are here for you.


Flexible and Understanding

We play from a wide collection of classical and traditional repertoire and special song requests from the popular genre are always welcome – if not expected.  Because of our training in orchestration/composition and jazz improvisation, we are able to accommodate special song requests or other arrangement preferences.  We are here to help you make your wedding day as special and unique as possible.  If there is something specific you have in mind, please let us know.


Heard but Not Seen

While our music may provide the “soundtrack” to your wedding day, this special day is really about you, and not us.  We believe in keeping to the background, while allowing you and family to take center stage. 


Skilled and Experienced

Adagio musicians have been playing weddings and special events for over twenty years. Several hold master degrees in music as well as having extensive professional experience with orchestras, bands, and solo projects locally, nationally, and even in Europe.  As teachers in the areas most respected music schools, Adagio Musicians are used to interacting respectfully with clients in a positive, friendly manner.  

 Mobile and Email Communication

We will be more than happy to give you free price estimates, booking availability, and music suggestions for your wedding ceremony and your reception/cocktail hour (if applicable).   We pride ourselves on open and regularly occurring communication. We make every attempt to return phone calls and emails as soon as possible.  Thank you.


Ensemble Options

We are available in a variety of different ensembles options, which include:

Flute, Violin, & Guitar (trio),    Flute & Guitar (duo),    Violin & Guitar (duo),    &   Guitar (solo)

While flute, violin, and guitar make up the core of our ensemble, if you have special requests for additional instruments not listed here, please let us know. We know many other professional musicians on many different instruments and can quite possibly make special arrangements to perform with them as well.  Thank you.