Curriculum Vitae

Name: Arindam Samanta
Legal Permanent Resident (USA)
Email: arindam dot sam at gmail dot com
Accomplished and experienced professional researcher in environmental sciences with a focus on climate change, carbon cycle and advanced remote sensing of the earth and atmosphere. Strong background in sciences, mathematics, statistics and computer programming, as well as excellent communication and writing skills. Excellence in academics and citation of research in global media.

- Bachelor of Science (BSc., Honors) and Master of Science (MSc.) (Integrated MSc.) in Applied Geology, Department of Geology and Geophysics, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, India, 07/2006. Cumulative Grade Point Average CGPA = 8.60/10
- Doctor of Philosophy (PhD.) in Geography and Environment, Boston University, (02/2011), GPA = 3.87/4

- National Science Foundation (NSF) Panels, 2012.
- Graduate research fellowship from Boston University 2006-2011.
- Graduate research fellowship from California Institute of Technology (CALTECH)  2006 (declined).
- Merit Scholarship (2001-2006), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur.
- Institute Silver Medal (2006), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur. Best student in Applied Geology.
- Prof. G. B. Mitra Award (2006), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur. Best student among all science disciplines - geology & geophysics, chemistry, physics and mathematics.
- P. K. Bhattacharya Memorial Prize (2006), Department of Geology and Geophysics, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur. Best student in the department of geology and geophysics.
- Silver Medal (2006), Mining, Geological & Metallurgical Institute of India (MGMI). Best outgoing geoscience student in India.
- Best undergraduate thesis (2006) in the department of geology and geophysics, IIT Kharagpur.
- Most innovative student paper award, International conference on microwaves, antenna, propagation and remote sensing (ICMARS 2004) organized by International center for Radio Science (ICRS), 2004, India.
- Theory of remote sensing, including radiative transfer
- Application of remote sensing, including monitoring of terrestrial vegetation dynamics and climate-vegetation interactions
- Monitoring and mapping ecosystem function and structure, large-scale ecosystem processes
- Monitoring and mapping long-term food production and food security
- Climate dynamics, climate change, climate forcings and feedbacks
- Earth-system science
- Multi-spectral, hyperspectral and radar remote sensing
- Large scale multi-scale and multi-temporal data analysis
- Statistical analysis: uni- and multi-variate statistics, time-series analysis
- Image and signal processing with soft-computing tools (fuzzy logic, neural networks etc.)
- Field measurements with instruments such as spectro-radiometers (ASD), LAI-1800, LAI-2000, TRAC
- Climate modeling and analysis
- General and Scientific: MATLAB, IDL, C/C++, Fortran, Shell scripting, HTML
- Statistical: R, RATS
- Other Software packages: IPW, ENVI, ARC-GIS, Photoshop, MS Office
- Programming environments: Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac
Atmospheric and Environmental Research (AER), A Verisk Company | Scientist/Operations Manager |03/2011-present
- Development of flood/inundation mapping algorithms with active (Radar - PALSAR, future SMAP; Microwave - SSMI, AMSRE) and passive (Optical - MODIS, LANDSAT) data.
- Quantification of greenhouse gas (methane - CH4) uncertainties arising from errors in inundation mapping.
- Operations management of FireLine - a wildfire risk product for insurance industry.
- Development of product concepts for insurance industry


Boston University | Research Fellow |09/2006-02/2011

Successfully completed NASA-funded projects on:

- Interpreting state-of-the-art satellite-derived greenness variations of Amazon forests.

- Understanding the response of the physical climate system to reductions in anthropogenic climate forcings (e.g., CO2 reduction) with advanced climate models.

- Assessment of decadal variations in food production in the semi-arid tropics.

- Assessment of the global carbon cycle.

- Monitoring vegetation structure from space.

- Development of long-term data-sets of planetary greenness using multi-sensor satellite data.


CALTECH | Visiting Researcher | Summer 2005

- Development of a de-noising algorithm to study fault-displacement during earthquakes using satellite data.

IIT | Undergraduate and Graduate Researcher | 2001-2006

- Development of novel image processing methodologies using soft-computing tools.

- Development of MATLAB SIMULINK-based tools for fiber optics simulations.

- NSF Panels, 2012
- Judge, Outstanding Student Presentation Award, AGU 2011
- Nature Reader Panel
Reviewer for:
- Geophysical Research Letters (GRL)
- Environmental Research Letters (ERL)
- Remote Sensing of Environment (RSE)
- Journal of Geophysical Research (JGR)
- Agricultural and Forest Meteorology
- Journal of Climate
- IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters (GRSL)
- Biogeosciences
- Advances in Meteorology
- Science (with Ranga Myneni)
- Global Change Biology (GCB) (with Ranga Myneni)
- Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA (PNAS) (with Ranga Myneni)
- Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer (JQSRT) (with Ranga Myneni)
- African Journal of Agriculture (AJAR)
- British Journal of Environment and Climate Change (BJECC)
- 13 journal publications (with media coverage), 1 book chapter and 30+ conference publications (more info)
- Available upon request