Welcome to Dr. Arindam Samanta's homepage 
I am a environmental scientist with Atmospheric and Environmental Research Inc (AER), specializing in advanced remote sensing, climate-vegetation interactions, carbon cycle, food production and security, and climate dynamics and climate change (see research projects). In February 2011, I completed my doctoral (PhD) research, with the Climate and Vegetation Research Group at Boston University, under the supervision of Prof. Ranga B. Myneni. Prior to that I graduated with an Integrated Masters (BS & MS) degree in geosciences from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Kharagpur) in 2006.

My research interests span a broad spectrum of environmental sciences, and I have successfully executed several diverse research projects (see topics). These include current NASA-funded projects at AER, previous ones at Boston University (BU), as well as at IIT and CALTECH. Examples of such projects are shown below:
- Development of inundation/flood mapping algorithms from existing (LANDSAT, MODIS, PALSAR, AMSR-E) and in support of future (SMAP) satellite missions. Use of optical, microwave and radar sensors.
- Estimation of greenhouse gas (CH4) emissions using data and dynamic land surface models.
- Management of wildfire hazard assessment products - FireLineTM - for major insurance industry.
- Interpretion of state-of-the-art satellite-derived (MODIS) greenness variations of Amazon forests.
- Understanding and quantifying the response of the physical climate system to reductions in anthropogenic climate forcings (e.g., CO2 reduction) with advanced climate models.
- Assessment of decadal variations in food production in the semi-arid tropics.
- Assessment of global carbon cycle.

I have published on each of these research topics, and some of these papers have been highlighted in national and international news media.  I have been awarded several times in the past, including best student awards in both geosciences and among all science disciplines at IIT.