This I Believe.

      Who will make you happy when you feel like everything is going wrong? I believe that it's my mom. My mom is like the sun,she always brightens up my day, and she  always makes me smile no matter what the situation is. Friends and boyfriends will come and go, and I will always get in arguments with my family members but my mom has always been there for me. Even when my mom and I get in arguments, we end up happy because she talks to me and she tells me what I did wrong. She taught me to learn from my mistakes and to appreciate everything I have.

      What led me to believe that my mom is the most important person to me is when she got separated from my little sister’s dad. I was about four years old when my family and I lived in Mexico. My mom had gotten a divorce with my dad and after a while she got together with my little sisters dad, a tall and dark men. We came to the United States and he came to live with us. My mom and the guy both worked but we still didn’t have a lot of money. After a while of living here my mom got pregnant with my little sister. I remember her telling me "You're going to have a little sister." As soon as I heard that I jumped up and said "What are we going to name her?" I was so happy because I wan

ted a baby in the house and I was finnaly going to get her.My sister was born in November and her dad stayed with us, he was good to me and my siblings but when he got mad at my mom he wasn't; I didn't get to see him mad but that's what my older sister had told me. The time went by and things got worse. The guy left a little after my sister was one year old and my mom took care of her kids on her own because my dad wasn't with us either. I now believe that my mom is the most important person to me because she didn't choose the guy over her kids and she taught me to appriciate everything that I have in life.

      After all I’ve been trough with my mom, I can now say that I believe in this quote by Cardinal Mermillod, "A mother is one who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take." I believe in this quote because no one else is going to be with me through thick and thin and no one else is going to teach me  right from wrong.