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      Hi, my name is Arilenne. I live in Pinole but I'm going to attend school in Richmond California as a freshman. I was born in San Diego, and I moved to the Bay Area when I was five years old.  I don't really like living here because most of the time it's cold. Although I don't like living here, at times I do because I have met great people. Right now i'm attending a summer bridge in RHS program. Mr.Mannix,a very cool guy, is my english teacher. My math teacher is Mr.Reese.My interests are listening to music and helping others.

       I have many goals in life. Three of the most important goals are: to continue my education after high school, move out of my house, and get a job. I want to go to San Diego State University,  San Francisco State University or to an arts school in one of those cities. After staying one semester in one of the schools, I want to transfer to New York and study one year there. I would like to study to be a music producer or a counselor for teenagers in Juvenile Detention Center in San Jose. I plan to move to wherever I go to school, but I don't want to stay at home because I want to be independent. Before moving out, I need to get a job that pays well, so that I can pay for my expenses. Some jobs that I would look into are working in restaurants or at amusment parks. Something that is going to be fun and that has flexible hours.  

       In addition, what I will have to do to achieve my goals is to get good grades, pass the CAHSEE and/or SAT testangry.gif angry image by ice_white, and I want to take AP classes so that it can show-up on my record because colleges really like that. I will have to choose either the multi-media academy, or the law academy depending on what career I want. Something else that I would have to do is make teacher friends and not goof off, so that I can get a great letter of recommendation and get into the college that I want. Because I want to get enough money, I am going to need the good grades, and my grade point average will depend on the hours I want.

     These have been some of the goals that I value the most. Please feel free to read more of my writings. Thank you for visiting my website.

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