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About me

I was born and lived in Townsville since 1980 and I developed a passion for music at a young age. When I was a child my parents would sit me in front of a stereo and make me listen to bands like Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin on a set of headphones. This apparently would keep me quiet for hours. A few years later when I was about four years of age remember waking up after having a nightmare and hearing an eerie song being played on my parent’s stereo while I was regaining knowledge that what I had experienced was just a dream. This change my life, I began observing my nightmares ever since, even though they would scare me I also found a deep seeded interest in both my nightmares and to find the eerie music that played on that night.

 This interest evolved and matured as I grew older. I found heavy metal and horror movies to be what I was looking for since I was child. I soon took up drums at the age of twelve and guitar a year later. The guitar was more my strong point simply because my family and neighbors soon disapproved of me belting out the drums every chance I could. After some time of playing guitar I began experimenting with recording equipment using two ghetto blaster tape recorders. One of the tape recorders would record my guitar and then I would place the recorded tape into the second ghetto blaster. While playing the pre-recording through the second ghetto blaster I would record the guitar again giving a second layer of audio that accompanied the first. I would then place that tape into the second ghetto blaster and see if it sounded good or not. This process was done for quite some time until I had retrieved a Tascam portatrack 4track recording unit that made the multitracking process a lot easier and sound a lot cleaner. During this experimental stage of my life I began developing song writing skills and purchased a keyboard that ventured my experimental stage into a new level. When I started recording I was writing black metal and death metal songs but with a keyboard to record with I could not only accompany the guitar with the drums, but compose obscure ambiance that reflected a dark atmospheric sense of emotion. After a while I had found ways to reverse my recordings and warp them manually by using effects pedals and flipping the tape on the 4track.

I had been doing this until I reached the age of twenty one. With the opportunity to play in a death metal band I started looking further into writing more aggressive and fast songs with a lot of technical elements within the material made this project stand out amongst the rest of the heavy bands that we were gigging with at the time. After a year the band split up leaving me hungry to keep playing and writing music. I bought a program on the first Sony Playstation called Music which was a music writing program. My song writing began to evolve sparking interest into the techno/industrial genre. I wrote quite a number of songs in that genre for a while then found a way to write drum lines through it giving me a chance to start writing death metal once again. I came across a singer and we began doing gigs at the local muso’s bar every week. I would turn up with a playstaion a small television and an amp. The Playstation would be connected to the television and the bar’s PA system and I would set my amp and guitar up and play our set for the night. We had a small yet unique following of muso’s that respected us for playing music that had never been performed in Townsville.

During that time I had the urge to get another band together. At the time, I was still in contact with the bass player (Lukus Christianson) from my first band and noticed my brother (Eli Anidjar,drummer) and his mate (David Kinipe, singer) were also searching for a band. I decided to join together and maybe if all worked out start a new project soon to be called Shiftlock. The first song we played together was a cover by Marylin Manson called Disposable Teens. This worked out great so we started playing more covers in a nu-school style like Limp Bizkit, Slipknot, System of a Down and so on. After a while we started to write original material and faded out our covers.

Shiftlock were together for nine years and we recorded two ep's during that time. The first in a studio and the second at my house using drum programming to incorporate the drummers part in the songs. We played many shows good and bad with a couple of out of town shows within the mix. We played in Sydney, Brisbane, Rockampton, Charters Towers and Cairns. Towards the end of Shiftlocks time, the band began losing interest in jamming together due to local gigs being canned from the regular venues because they all strangely went under new management all at the same time. It was a sad decision but it had to be done and it was time for me to move on.     

Me at the age of 6

Family photo 1989

Practicing guitar in 1996.

Recording a track with my first band in 2001

performing a show using the drums and samples
 I programed on the Playstation.