Future Plans

Winter 2021 to Summer 2022

Here are some ideas for our activities from October 2021 to Midsummer 2022

Tempus Patria - Homeland times

NEW IN 2022 - more information in January

'Patria' in Latin loosely translates as our fathers' land, country or homeland - as in the modern term ex-patriate: it has little to do with patriotism although the Latin root is the same.

We are emphasising 'homeland', in the sense that it is where we live and have our roots, namely Cheshire, Lancashire, Yorkshire and the surrounding country . . . in other words "Up North".

The aim is to celebrate anything historically significant - people, events, places, and so forth - that relate to the North, and especially to the region between the Trent-Mersey and the Tyne-Solway boundaries. However, we won't exclude "owt else" if it's interesting or relevant . . . the world has always been interconnected so many events in far away places may sometimes link back to 'homelands' elsewhere.

Downloadable EeZee QSLs will be available, possibly changing bi-monthly, plus 'Specials' for the more significant activities.

No more information is available yet because we are still planning this activity and may initiate major changes 'at the drop of a hat' . . . . or flat cap if you are from Yorkshire.

Tempus Fugit - Time Flies

In this series we aim to celebrate the passing seasons, ancient festivals and similar events, for example: The Equinoxes, Midwinter and Midsummer.

We aim to do eight such activities in 2022. EeZee QSL cards will be available to download (and print, if desired) but no checks or confirmations are needed to do so - they are free. New designs are made available from time to time. See the Tempus Fugit page on our sister site www.redKiteRadio.org.uk

Tempus Romanus - Roman Times and Festivals

The Roman calendar was packed with festivals, auspicious days, good days, bad days, feast and fast days, days for deities and days for games - in fact, the Romans would celebrate anything, even the days when there was little to celebrate.

We aim to cover as many of the Roman festivals as we can, adding or omitting ones as necessary. Six EeZee QSL designs are available to choose from. New designs are being considered for 2022, but may take longer. See the Tempus Romanus page on our sister site www.redKiteRadio.org.uk