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VMware Books I recommend

This is a very short list. There are many, many quality books out there, especially by VMware press, but I think these are the ones I would recommend to a fellow administrator to learn, grow and manage the growth. 

The links have my amazon affiliate ID so if you buy them through here I get a slight cut (someday).

Starter books everyone should read:

Mastering VMware vSphere 6 excellent reference book to take you from zero to managing an environment. I linked the latest version (6 GA) but they are good at releasing it for the major versions.
Networking for VMware Administrators excellent guide to delve into networking, and I love that he included pictures of physical connectors and general networking topics. This is great if you feel you haven't taken a real networking course or as a refresher.

Design and Architecture

VMware vSphere Design best book out there as far as real world VMware design reference.
IT Architect: Foundation in the Art of Infrastructure Design there simply is no other book out there like this one, especially if your goal is to reach VCDX level one day.