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This is my first year participating in #vDM30in30 . You can read how it started here, get the details for the 2016 edition in this blog, see who is participating here, and you can see the produced posts doing a search in twitter.

I'm going to treat vDM30in30 as a thought and activity log. I work in virtualization every day and am very active in the vExpert Slack and in twitter, plus almost every week I'm hosting at least one vBrownBag episode and assisting some tech related event in NYC - so there's lots to write about :) Also, I have a very short term goal of taking the LFCS exam before November 30 and submitting a VCDX5-DCV design for March 10, so I bet some of that will show here.

I'll do these blogs in the manner of Scott Lowe's "Technology Short Take" posts (latest one here) which I think are brilliant ways to summarize things one is learning about and communicate quickly to others.

11/01 currently working on...
11/02 NYC BUG
11/03 Boston UserCon
11/04 Ubuntu first steps
11/05 Creating SSH keys
11/06 Bushwick and NYC
11/07 Cheap YouTube recordings BOM
11/08 vExpert application preparation
11/09 VMworld US and EU recordings
11/10 @mikestanley and
11/11 VCNS to NSX upgrade (spanish)
11/12 2016 certification review
11/13 PuTTY doesn't show SHA256 SSH fingerprints