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vBrownbag presentations

vBrownbag is a phenomenal free tech meeting where top level talent speaks for about an hour on a particular topic (mostly related to virtualization). You could say it's like having a techie friend of yours sit down and explain you something. I've had the honor of presenting in both the LATAM and US sessions.

Apart from the weekly meetings, vBrownBag also does an incredible effort in organizing an in-person stage in IT conventions such as VMworld, Cisco Live and OpenStack Summits, to name a few. I've been able to participate in some of these recordings as part of a group and hope that someday get to present my own topic.

Latin America (LATAM)

I became friends with the people that run the vBrownbag LATAM webcast in Spanish, and I told them I would happily present in any particular topic if they had no one else and they gave me some time to study it. I don't profess to be an expert in the topics I've presented in - but I'll happily help help the latin america vBrownbag if i can. As we say in Costa Rica - "quien dijo miedo" :)

The presentations are in spanglish, and I've shamelessly grabbed content from whatever Google showed up. I tried to give credit to others as much as I could, but if I missed you, I'm sorry. Let me know and I'll correct it.

2015-03-19  VCP6-NV Objetivo 2 pptx blog and youtube
2015-03-26  VCP6-NV Objetivo 3 pptx blog and youtube
2015-07-09  VCP6-DCV Objetivo 2 pptx (blog and youtube pending)
2016-01-21  Auditorias PCI en VMware pptx (blog pending) and youtube


I have presented on the US vBrownBag, opportunity which I'm immensely grateful for. This is definitely the biggest one of the vBrownBags - gets the most live participants and most views in Youtube, since the IT world talks english.

2015-07-29  VCP6-DCV Objective 2 part 1 pptx blog and youtube 
2015-08-05  VCP6-DCV Objective 2 part 2 pptx blog and youtube
2015-08-19  VCP6-DCV Objective 6 pptx blog and youtube
2016-02-10  VCP6-DCV Objective 10 pptx blog and youtube plus lab notes and vCloud notes (coming soon)

VMworld 2015 TechTalks

I participated in both vBrownBag LATAM panels as part of VMworld 2015 TechTalks

LATAM vExperts youtube
LATAM vBrownbag community youtube