LFCS notes

Taken (non literally) from the LFS201 course intro:

Take the edX Introduction to Linux LFS101x course. This is free and unlimited and sets a good base from where to start form

Topics which are not included but necessary are knowledge of:

  • text editors such as vi, emacs, nano, gedit, ed (at least one for shell and one for GUI)
  • linux documentation (CentOS can't publish documentation anymore, so if doing CentOS use RHEL's documentation)
  • manipulating text with sed, grep, awk, cut, paste, tail, head, etc
  • file utilities such as find, locale, file
  • Printing
  • graphical interfaces and their administration
  • bash shell scripting
  • system installation
Link to a PDF with the LFCS competencies (easier to print out) version 2.16

You can download the Redhat system administration manual as an epub or view online.