Fish sure like Flies.

This update is a bit quicker in coming because Tim is off to the tropics tomorrow to rejoin Hebe at her dock in Panama.  He promises to take pictures of his kickin tan, sipping some squirtarias, and swimming in the Caribbean waters while I stay another two weeks in Patagonia in Puerto Williams.  I just can´t get enough of this hiking business, and the southernmost trek in the world, the Dientes Circuit, is calling my name.  So I´ll take a boat from Punta Arenas by the fjords and through the Beagle Channel to Isla Navarino.  I´m hoping I catch the seasonal color change in the native Lenga trees, kissing cousins to the common Birch tree around Vermont.  Apparently, everyone in the (very small) town of Puerto Williams hangs at the legendary yacht club, Naval de Yates Micalvi, that sounds like a scene worth checking out.

We spent our last week in Ushuaia hiking the Paso de la Oveja trek. We camped up at Laguna Encantada, then because the next day was rainy we spent the entire day in the tent, drinking tea, reading, painting and sleeping.  The following day, rested up and invigorated, we hiked up to the Laguna Camionete just before the pass and pitched out tent.  After traversing the pass, we intended to spend another night out, but the call of pizza and a warm bed was too strong and we hiked the length of the valley with waterfalls surrounding us and the Beagle Channel in sight.

Then, at the advice and urging of a friend in California to ´get out and catch some brown trout´ we signed up for a day of fly fishing.  We spent the day with Miguel and his buddy, going way out of town to get to a squiggly river called Ewan.  Flat gold fields, no trees overhead, and a patient teacher got the two of us fly fishing within a few hours.  Then the wind picked up, and made us work a bit harder at our technique.  He said the day was a bit warm and the river a bit to shallow, so the trout wouldn´t bite too much.  Well I caught three, and Tim caught four, so it wasn´t that bad.  We finished the day, tired and sore, with some beers.

Back in Punta Arenas, we followed Tim´s two month dream to the Austral Beer Brewery in town.  As Tim says, "Normally, a beer can says ´drink me!´  This one invites me to it´s house.  We have to go."  Well we went, and we told by a none to friendly lady that they were "closed" for "repairs", even as the beer trucks were being loaded with beer clearly produced there.  Hmmm...

Our latest photo album Hikin ´n Fitchin


 Tim, pointing out the Beagle Channel


A trout this big??

One of Tim's little trouts