Cusco, Peru and Typhoid Timmy

After the Jungle we headed back to Cusco asap to try and see Manchupicchu and have an extra week to see more of Peru or Bolivia as we liked.  Well we did the whirlwind tour of Manchupicchu, staying for two nights close to the ruins so we could hike up early in the morning, be the first there and spend the day wandering around.  It amounted to a frickin $40 ticket so we wanted to get our moneys worth.

It was great; we hiked through a cloudforest, wandered around trying to guess at the meaning of the different buildings, finally getting a guide and "understanding" some of it.  The Inka bridge?  Wow.  Take an amazingly steep cliff face, build up a pile of rocks against that face and leave a big gap.  Then put a log over that.  Really, at any point on that trail, a wrong step and you´re history.  The Inca´s would remove the log if some undesirables were coming their way.

We returned to Cusco, intending to stay only a night or two en route to La Paz and Bolivia beyond.  Then Tim got Typhoid Fever.  He spent three days in bed, with a fever, chills, sweats, all kinds of sickness from the belly, and we thought it was a bad case of Traveler´s Sickness.  I had a mild case after we both ate some suspect empanadas off the street. So, rest, water, electrolytes, and bananas whenever possible. But on the fourth day, that was enough.  A very kind doctor in town, a friend of my Spanish partner, came for a hostel visit.  He drove us to the clinic for a blood test.  He came back to tell us the results in person.  He gave us prescriptions for the necessary drugs.  Health care here is amazing.  So now Tim is on the road to recovery, but we unfortunately missed seeing Danielle off in La Paz, Bill was kind enough to go along and make sure she made her flight.

While Tim was sick, we took some Spanish school and I met a very nice friend named Mercedes.  She´s a native Cusqeñian that´s practicing to be a tour guide of the city and taking loads of English classes in preparation for her English exam.  Thus, half our time is in English and half is in Spanish.  It´s been great to see the city and surrounding country side from her eyes, I taught her to play backgammon, she showed me a gorgeous spot a nice hike away into the mountains at the foot of a little waterfall next to an Incan wall.

But we're off again! As soon as Tim feels ready for the next 24 hour bus ride we'll be meeting up with Bill in Bolivia, hopefully for some bike riding, flamingo watching, and salt lake traversing, but we'll see where the wind takes us...

Here´s some more pictures of us in Manchupicchu...

Manchupicchu is soo pretty first thing in the morning

Tim thinks he sees approaching armies

D and I enjoying the famous Incan stonework

My Cusco friend Mercedes and I on a hike