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  Hi..   I did my Phd in theoretical 

 computer science at the Weizmann

 Institute under Ran Raz and Ronen Shaltiel. 

 Currently I am a visiting researcher at 

 the Technion in Israel hosted by Prof. Amir Shpilka.





1.      Deterministic Extractors for Bit-Fixing Sources by Obtaining an Independent Seed,
  A.Gabizon, R.Raz, R.Shaltiel,

  §         Proceeding of the 45th FOCS, 2004, pp. 394-403.

  §         SIAM Journal of Computing 36(4) (2006), pp.1072-1094.

2.      Deterministic Extractors for Affine Sources over Large Fields,
A.Gabizon, R.Raz,

  §          Proceeding of the 46th FOCS, 2005, pp. 407-416.

  §           Combinatorica 28(4): 415-440 (2008).

3.      Extractors and Rank Extractors for Polynomial Sources
Z.Dvir, A.Gabizon, A.Wigderson,

    • Proceedings of the 48th FOCS, 2007, pp. 52-62.  
    • Comput. Complex., 18(1):1-58, 2009    

4.      Increasing the Output Length of Zero-Error Dispersers
A.Gabizon, R.Shaltiel,

     §     RANDOM 2008. (To appear in Journal of Random Structures & Algorithms)

             5. Derandomizing algorithms under Product Distributions 

A.Gabizon, A.Hassidim,

      § ICS 2010

6.      Simple Affine Extractors using Dimension Expansion
M. DeVos, A.Gabizon

      §      CCC 2010.

7.  Extractors for Polynomial Sources over Constant-Size Fields of Small Characteristic
E. Ben-Sasson, A.Gabizon

                §      RANDOM 2012.
                    §      Theory Of Computing - APPROX-RANDOM 2012 Special Issue

8. Invertible Zero-Error Dispersers and Defective Memory with Stuck-At Errors                                                 

A. Gabizon, R.Shaltiel

                §      RANDOM 2012.

9. A new family of locally correctable codes based on degree-lifted algebraic geometry codes                                                 

E. Ben-Sasson, A. Gabizon, Y.Kaplan, S. Kopparty, S. Saraf

                §      STOC 2013.
10. On r-Simple k-Path                                                 

H. Abasi, N. Bshouty, A.Gabizon, E. Haramaty

                §      Submitted.



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