Ariel Gabizon

  Hi..   I am a researcher and engineer working in the cryptocurrency and cryptography space at Aztec.  

I did my Phd in theoretical computer science at the Weizmann

 Institute under Ran Raz and Ronen Shaltiel, and before taking a break from academia to work on Zcash, I was a visiting researcher at Technion where I was hosted by Prof. Eli Ben-Sasson, Yuval Ishai and Amir Shpilka. 

Please consider reducing your use of animal food products. Watch Dominion.

Here is a talk from my Zcash days. Part of my work at Zcash involved discovering and helping to mitigate an unlimited counterfeiting bug.
More recently, initially while at Protocol Labs together with Aztec I helped develop PLONK, a practical zk-SNARK with a universal updatable setup. Several commercial projects are already using PLONK. Read the paper, watch the talk,  read Vitalik Buterin's excellent post, or listen to the podcast.

gpg public key, another gpg public key used in the protocol labs mpc



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