You have reached Arie Levit's hompage. I am a Gibbs assistant professor at Yale.

My PhD was completed at the Weizmann Institute, Israel under the supervision of Prof. Tsachik Gelander.

Research Interests:

I am interested in geometric group theory and ergodic theory. Most of my research has been focused on rigidity phenomena of lattices and invariant random subgroups.


  1. Counting commensurability classes of hyperbolic manifolds, with Tsachik Gelander
    • GAFA (2014) 24: 1431. arXiv
  2. The Nevo-Zimmer intermediate factor theorem over local fields
    • Geometriae Dedicata (2017) 186: 149. arXiv
  3. Local rigidity of uniform lattices, with Tsachik Gelander
    • Commentarii Mathematici Helvetici (2018) 93: 781. arXiv
  4. On Benjamini--Schramm limits of congruence subgroups.
  5. Invariant random subgroups over non-Archimedean local fields, with Tsachik Gelander.
    • Mathematische Annalen (2018): 1503-1544. arXiv
  6. Edge Kempe equivalence for regular graph covers, with Nir Lazarovich. 
  7. Critical exponents of invariant random subgroups in negative curvature, with Ilya Gehktman. 


  1. Surface groups are flexibly stable, with Nir Lazarovich and Yair Minsky. arXiv

In preparation:

  1. Characters of universal lattices, with Omer Lavi.