Ariel J. Ben-Sasson, PhD
Senior fellow at the Baker Laboratory at the University of Washington 

(Technion - Israel Institute of Technology)

My research background is in organic electronics, solid-state physics, computer modeling, and self-assembly driven processes (using block-copolymers), with the focus of utilizing those to create new functional materials as the building blocks of novel soft-electronic devices. I have demonstrated that during my PhD in which I developed the vertical organic transistors (VOFETs) at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology at the OMD lab with the guidance of Prof. Nir Tessler and Prof. Gitti Frey, combining skills and knowledge in both nanotechnology (Electrical Eng.) and Materials Eng.
To expand these concepts, I currently focus on developing self-assembled materials with increasing structural and chemical complexity by computationally designing proteins (using Rosetta) to create 2D arrays at the Baker laboratory. My main interest is to use those as scaffolds (protein assemblies) which subsequently could be functionalized (with focus on manipulation of proteins’ electrical conductivity) and propagate their molecular properties to macro-level material characteristics relevant to practical interactive electronic materials.