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    The ARHS Dance program welcomes students of all grade and experience levels to learn and explore a wide variety of dance traditions.  Movement vocabulary ranging from Hip-Hop to Salsa to Contemporary is taught in the curricula as are the tenets of effective choreography and compassionate leadership.  World of Dance travels the globe in dances from Africa and the Caribbean to Europe and North America.  Introduction to Dance helps students understand, practice, and hone the basics of proper alignment and the foundations of excellent technique in the dance disciplines of Ballet, Jazz, and Modern among many others. The personal style of each dance student is encouraged in all classes. 

    Dance Theatre Ensemble (pictured here from our recent concert 'Metaphor') is a fully accredited class that teaches the art and craft of choreography.  This in-depth study culminates in a dance concert of student works that illustrate different perspectives on a central theme.  In DTE all students are able to develop their skills in a variety of dance styles.  The trimester involves hands-on experience of both learning from and teaching peers in a cooperative endeavor.  The end result is growth on many levels and completely original dance performances.

    Afro-Puerto Rican Bomba is a performance ensemble class in which students learn how to drum, sing, and dance various styles of the tradition as well as learn the rich history of the evolution of Bomba.  In this class, students work as a 'conjunto', or group, in which the members function together at a higher level than any can alone.  The container for the music and dance is created by the polyrthymic music and call and response singing.  The communication between the lead drummer and the dance soloist stands apart from all other dance traditions in that the dancer challenges the drummer to mark his/her every dance move with different strokes (sounds) on the drum.