Disaster Photos


Freedom Laptop Table II Mobile

When Freedom's Laptop Table destroyed my brand-new Acer Ferrari laptop, it became such an ongoing ordeal that I created a page specifically for it.

 Bike Accident

Last year while cycling to work, I was hit by a car.  Other than scars on my forearm, I don't have any permanant damage to I consider myself very lucky.

By absolute coincidence, several police happened to be on the other side of the road when it happened and witnessed the accident.  This is a summary of the statement I made to them after the accident:

On 17/10/2005 at approx 11:30am, I (Jason Argo ph 0413 xxx xxx) was cycling down Church St in the bike lane travelling at between 25kph and 30kph.  A car slightly ahead of me indicated and braked to turn right.  The car parallel to me on my right (driven by 'Gem' ph 0412 xxx xxx) then swung left into the bike lane.

Arm with bandage removed. Glass injuries on inside off forearm.


Location of collision.  Impact occurred one or two meters beyond the bike lane icon.

 Same location viewed from slightly further back.  This image shows a similar scenario as the 17/10/2005 collision. There is a silver car turning right in front of the X-Trail, and the X-Trail is beginning to move into the bike lane.