Magic Argus Vip Generator 0.2

This window program generates the video file sets playable by the Argus VIP (VIP2), Opticum 9500HD sat receivers.
The Argus VIP format file set is generated from the simple .ts file ( created by xmedia encoder ).
Combination Xmedia encoder + Magic Vip Generator makes possible to convert almost
any common video format to format which excellent Argus VIP or Opticum 9500HD satellite receiver could play.

This software is freeware. Version 0.2 is second version.
Use this software on you own risk. This software may not work properly.

Download MagicVipGenerator v 0.2 for windows from the bottom of this page.

Comments and suggestion or request for new features or bug fixes are welcomed on the


1. Install latest Xmedia Recode ..
2. Unzip,Copy the magicVipGenerator .exe the Windows executable to any directory on your hard drive.
(If the JRE 1.6 is not yet installed on your PC the application will ask you to install it.)

Work flow:

#1 Xmedia Recode
Use the latest version of the
Xmedia Recode to convert almost any regular video file format …to the .ts (transport stream) video file (use the settings
 profile=custom,format=MPEG TS, video=MPEG-2 and ,audio=MP2).
This step #1 is mandatory ! The magicVipGenerator process correctly only .ts files produced 
Xmedia Recode (tested with latest version) !
#2 Magic Vip Generator
magicVipGenerator and choose .ts file or directory with the .ts files. If you choose the directory then all *.ts file in the selected directory would be converted.
Choose output directory. (For the performance reasons is the best to choose the output directory on the another disk.)
Press the generation button.
Note: The program shows some progress information and the generation of longer video files could take
rather long time (it depends on the your CPU and the speed of the read/write operation of your hard drive). During the generation the
button will be disabled. Please wait till the program finish.

After the finish of the generation the "All OK" message should be shown in the text window.
magicVip Generator,
6 jan. 2011 14:05